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AAFA 6th Annual Meeting and Family Reunion

Alford American Family Association, Inc.

1993--October 8-9-10, St. Francisville, Louisiana at the Ramada Inn.

Sally and Dick Stoewer, along with several other members, hosted the meeting. Membership had reached a total of 628 by meeting time. There were about 70 member families present with a total of nearly 120 persons.

Member families by states were: Texas 23; Louisiana 18; Mississippi 12; Georgia 6; and three each from Florida and Missouri; two each from Pennsylvania and Arkansas; one each from New Jersey, North Carolina, Alabama, Oklahoma, New Mexico, and California. Friday's Genealogy Workshop sessions were conducted by Gil Alford, Alicia Houston, and Elizabeth Hazlip, covering subjects ranging from basic research to military and census records. Because many members have little background in genealogy, these informative sessions were much appreciated. The Friday night reception, with a Mardi Gras theme, was really special at this meeting.

Three persons were added to the board of directors: Benjamin F. Alford, Jr., Max Ray Alford, and Doris Alford Vetri. Evelyn Mistich was appointed as Cemetery Project Officer and Janice Stogsdill Smith as Project Officer for Alford Wills and Estate Papers. Al Alford, owner of Four Star Travel of Pensacola, FL, was appointed as AAFA Events Coordinator. Members again voted for all officers to continue in office.

Captain Lodwick H. Alford and his late wife, Kay, were inducted into the Alford Hall of Fame for their contribution to the Alford effort over the years. Wick was AAFA's first President, from 1987 to 1991, during the time that the foundations were laid for AAFA's growth and organization.

This the first time we had the "AAFA Store" an activity that has become very popular. Andrea Alford Fantacci set up shop with mugs, t-shirts, etc. on which there was a copy of the AAFA logo or the Alford emblem. The store is now under the management of Sally Stoewer- you might say Stoewer's Store.

The AAFA photo awards program and photo archives were established to begin with the Louisiana meeting. For it, and each subsequent meeting, Jack Kinabrew has prepared a display of Alford photographs and conducted an awards program with honors being given in several categories. This was also the beginning of the very important photo archive which is under Jack's management.

Meetings are not all about genealogy and ancestors. St. Francisville is in an area rich in famous ante-bellum homes and many members toured one of more of them. One high-light of the meeting was a special late nite tour of what is reputed to be the most haunted house in America.

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