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AAFA 5th Annual Meeting and Family Reunion

Alford American Family Association, Inc.

1992--October 9-10-11, Destin, Florida at the Holiday Inn.

The total membership at the time of this meeting was 542. There was no particular host and the number of member families represented was about 60 with a total of nearly 100 present.

Member family counts by states: Florida 12; Texas 9; Georgia 8; Louisiana 7; Mississippi 6; Alabama 5; three each from Arkansas and California; two each from Pennsylvania, Virginia and North Carolina; and one each from New Jersey, Tennessee, Missouri and Arizona.

There were no changes in the board of directors in Destin. Benjamin F. Alford, Jr. was elected as president and the other officers were voted to continue in office. Roberta Alford Folds was inducted into the Alford Hall of Fame for her role in making the first AAFA meeting a success. It was agreed in Destin that we would add a formal genealogy workshop during the day of Friday at the next meeting.

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