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AAFA 2nd Annual Meeting and Family Reunion
October 13 and 14, 1989
The Houstonian, Houston, Texas

Hosts included several Texas members led by D.L. Alford, Jr. and his wife Catherine. The membership (families) had grown to 250 by meeting time. There were 69 member families represented this year with the unexpectedly large number of 131 present, thanks in large part to the tremendous efforts of D. L. and the Texas members. Forty-nine Texas families were represented. There were six families from Louisiana; two each from Georgia, Florida, Mississippi, and Missouri; and one each from New Mexico, Oklahoma, Colorado, Arizona, California and Washington. The officers from the previous year were re-elected.

A reception on Friday evening was generously hosted by several Texas members. The business meeting began at 9:00 AM Saturday and continued through the day. Miss Maxine Alcorn, head of Houston's Clayton (Genealogical) Library was the guest speaker. Earlier in the year Nancy Alford Dietrich resigned as Genealogist/Historian and became the Librarian. William A. Mitchiner was appointed to serve as Genealogist. Also earlier in the year Alicia Roundy Houston was appointed as the AAFA Census Project Officer. Two new directors were announced: Daniel Lee "D.L." Alford, Jr. and Pamela Alford Thompson. With Clayton Library being one of the nation's leading genealogical libraries this was an opportunity for deep genealogical research.

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