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2006 Meeting, Nashville


AAFA 17th Annual Meeting and Family Reunion

Alford American Family Association, Inc.

2004 Meeting Report – Baton Rouge, Louisiana
By Max Alford, AAFA President and #0715


Wow! What a great meeting we had in Baton Rouge this year. In July, it looked as if we wouldn’t have enough members attending to field a softball team but after all was said and done, we had a total of 122 people that attended some part of the meeting. The camaraderie felt by all was unbelievable. There was a lot of renewing of old friendships and the making of new ones.


The first function of the meeting was a Wednesday tour to New Orleans. We were told to be in the hotel lobby by 8:20 and the bus would leave at 8:30. Most of us were in the lobby at the appointed time but there was no bus; 8:30 and still no bus; 9:00 and no bus. But finally a little after 9, the bus arrived. Seems our scheduled driver overslept. Imagine that. Our first stop in New Orleans was the French Quarter. We were turned loose to browse around on our own for an hour or so. The place was brimming with shops of all kinds. The shops that drew the most attention had something to do with food. Of course, we had to walk over to Bourbon Street and make a picture under the Bourbon Street sign. We then left the French Quarter and motored over to Harrah’s Casino where Sally Stoewer had arranged a deal for us to enjoy Harrah’s lunch buffet. I noticed several members really wolfing down their food and then it dawned on me, the less time eating, the more time gambling. Some people reported very good luck with the slot machines.


We left Harrah’s and went to visit the National D-Day Museum. We had several veterans in our group and they especially enjoyed the museum. There was a Dauntless fighter plane hanging from the ceiling in the lobby as well as a British Spitfire. There were restored boats, armored personnel carriers, rifles, pistols and all kinds of items from military personnel who had served in WWII. It gave one a sense of what those men and women of WWII sacrificed for their country and for us.



Posing under the Bourbon St. sign in the French Quarter are

Earline Alford, Mary Alford, and Ramona Alford Darden.


After leaving the museum, we returned to Baton Rouge. We stopped at a Golden Corral for our evening meal which everyone seemed to enjoy. There were toasts made to Gil and Mary Alford’s 60th Wedding Anniversary, which they had celebrated shortly before coming to the meeting. Everyone sang “Happy Birthday” to Joana Breeland, one of the jolliest of our members.


The next day, Thursday, the bus made it on time and we boarded at 8:30 for our tour of Baton Rouge. Our first stop was the Louisiana State Capitol Building. We were shown the House and Senate chambers as well as the bullet hole in the hallway where Huey Long, former governor, was assassinated. We also visited the observation deck atop the building. There were good views of the Mississippi River and downtown Baton Rouge.




The group stopped on the steps of the capitol building for a picture.

Front on the right: Laura Tuffnell and Vesta Bowden;

Second row: Mary Alford, Lynn Shelley, Betty and Mike Heazel, and Frieda Shepherd;

Third row: Max Alford, Janet Hemby, Gil Alford, Joan Alford, Jim Shelley, and Ramona Darden, on right;

Fourth row: Helen Steele, Jan Alford, Evelyn Mistich, Ginny Alford, Mac Alford, Pauline and Earl Alford;

 Fifth row: Walter Schuster, Earline Alford, Shelli-Alford Williams, Holly Coffey, Julie McCall, Joana Breeland, and Pat Smith;

Sixth row: Rebecca and Morris Myers, Don Alford, Bob Steele, Elroy Alford, Marlin and Dot Alford.



We left there and went to the old Governor’s Mansion that had some furnishings from Huey Long’s terms as governor. We then went to the U.S.S. Kidd Museum on the banks of the Mississippi. The Kidd was a Fletcher-class destroyer of WWII and was known by the nickname, the “Pirate of the Pacific.”  The museum had an unbelievable display of scale model boats and ships including a full-size mock-up of part of the gun deck of the U.S.S. Constitution, “Old Ironsides,” the only sailing ship that is still commissioned by the U.S. Navy and is manned by Naval personnel. Unfortunately, it was sprinkling hard enough to get wet so we did not get to take a tour of the ship itself.


Thursday afternoon was spent sitting around talking with one another about this and that. I had to make a run to the airport to pick up my daughter, Samantha, and thought I would miss the ceremonial unloading of Gil’s trailer. But unfortunately, the room wasn’t ready until later that night.


The Louisiana group, consisting of Paul and Pat Davidson, Jeanne Singleton, and Sally and Dick Stoewer, hosted a “Welcome to Baton Rouge” buffet Thursday evening. We had jambalaya, salad and desserts that were out of this world. We were so stuffed that it really made unloading the trailer and vehicles tough on us older guys. I want to extend a very big “THANK YOU!!!!” to all those who helped in the preparation of the buffet. It was some of the best food we had during the meeting.


The meeting officially got under way Friday morning at 8:00 AM with the opening of the registration desk. The registration table and area were one of the best we have ever had at a meeting. The space was large enough that there was not much of a bottleneck and things flowed smoothly.




Ramona Darden, our tireless Meetings Coordinator,

appeared pleased with her new briefcase.



The Friday session got under way with a presentation to the Meetings Coordinator, Ramona Darden, of a leather briefcase from the Board of Directors and the membership. Ramona is always running around the meeting with a handful of papers, usually stuffed in a big envelope. The envelope gets pretty tattered before the meeting is over so the Board decided she really needed a nice brief case.


The rest of the Friday session was devoted to topics relating to Louisiana Alfords such as a “Louisiana History Timeline” presented by Lynn Shelley and her father, Paul Davidson, “Louisiana Archives” and “Using Maps in Genealogy” presented by Lynn, a very nice PowerPoint© presentation about military records by Gil Alford, and “Producing a Family History” by yours truly.


Friday’s activities were capped off by the Friday night reception. In the past, the reception was a “finger foods” and beverage buffet. It proved very difficult for most to hold a plate in one hand, a beverage in the other, and still manage to eat without causing a scene. So, last year, Ramona tried a sit-down affair that proved so popular that she carried it over to this year’s meeting. The food was really good and there was lots of it. The usual desserts were missing from this meeting. Instead, a large cake was brought in after everyone had finished the main meal. The cake celebrated the 60th Wedding Anniversary of Mary and Gil Alford. The actual date of the anniversary occurred a few weeks before the meeting. It was made even more special by the presence of Mary and Gil’s daughter, Mary Davis, and granddaughter, Jessica Tedder. Mary was unable to attend the St. Louis celebration so it gave her a chance to celebrate with her parents and the members of the Association. Members were encouraged to mix and mingle after eating to enhance the social aspect of the evening. It was very successful. Lots of laughter and good conversation could be heard all over the room.




Gil and Mary Alford, daughter Mary Davis, and granddaughter Jessica Tedder

with their special 60th Anniversary cake.



After the reception, the Board retired to a conference room to hold their annual meeting. There were many items on the agenda and the meeting lasted until close to midnight. One of the things discussed was the location of future meetings. If you look at a map and stick a pin in each city that a member lives in, it is quite obvious that the vast majority of the members live south of the Mason-Dixon Line. To this end, it was decided by the Board that a motion be presented Saturday morning to the membership to once again postpone holding a meeting in Indiana and to recommend somewhere in Tennessee as the meeting site for 2006 which would be a more central location to where the majority of the members live.


Another item for discussion was the AAFA Gift Shop or, as it is more commonly known “The Store.” After many years of toting merchandise around the country and storing it between meetings, Sally and Dick Stoewer announced their resignation from that position. They have done an outstanding job of managing the store, seeing that new items were introduced in a timely fashion and taking care of the merchandise between the meetings. The Board agreed that they would be missed in that position and they deserved a GREAT BIG THANK YOU FOR A JOB WELL DONE. Elroy Alford volunteered to take care of the merchandise until the next meeting. He did this without checking with his boss, Jan. The divorce will be final in a couple of months. NO! NO!  Just kidding. In all seriousness, we do need someone to take over this job. It is a very big part of each meeting. If you think you might be interested, even remotely, or would like to know more about what all it entails, please contact a Board member.


Saturday morning, the registration table was once again opened at 8:00. I think I should say that it was manned (or womanned) by Evelyn Mistich, Meeting Treasurer, and Samantha Alford, Secretary. The Saturday morning session got underway with a “Welcome to Louisiana” by Philipa Blair of the Baton Rouge Convention and Visitors Bureau. She was really impressed by our organization and our members.


As is done every year, there were prizes and certificates handed out for the ones who travel the greatest distance, who are the oldest and those who live the closest to the meeting. Charles and Joan Alford, #0611, Oakland, CA were judged to have traveled the greatest distance while Deloris Bitting, Baton Rouge, LA was judged to have been closest to the meeting. Estelle “Dock” Alford was judged to be the oldest in attendance. She gave her age as 88 but I would have guessed closer to 39 myself.


Reports were given by:


Evelyn Mistich – Treasurer’s Report

Alicia Houston – Census Project Report

Janice Smith – Photo Archive Report and Wills Project Report

Lynn Shelley – Library Project Report.


Jim and Sue Adams, co-editors of AAFA ACTION, were introduced and took questions from the floor concerning the quarterly.


As there is every year, four members of the Board of Directors were due to rotate off the Board. Those members were: Elroy Alford, Janet Hemby, Kim Savage, and Jeanne Singleton. These members have done a great job over the past three years and are to be commended for their service on behalf of the Association and its members. The new nominees as picked by the nominating committee were: Evelyn Mistich, John Smith, Paul Davidson, and Morris Myers. Those present were then asked if there were any nominations from the floor. There were none. A motion was made and seconded to accept the nominees by acclamation. The motion passed by a unanimous vote.


The list of nominees for the offices of President, Vice President, Treasurer and Secretary was then presented. The nominees were:


President – Max Alford

Vice President – Morris Myers

Treasurer – Doris Vetri

Secretary – Samantha Alford.


The Board retired to a conference room where a motion was made and seconded to accept the nominees by acclamation. The motion was passed by a unanimous vote of the Board. The Board then returned to the meeting room and the new officers were introduced to the members in attendance.


Ramona Darden, Meetings Coordinator, then took the floor to discuss the meeting next year in St. Louis as well as the possibility of moving the 2006 meeting location. She explained what had been discussed in the Board meeting the previous night. A motion was then made and seconded to close this session of the meeting. The motion was passed by a show of hands.


The Saturday afternoon “Alford Family Forum” was presented by Gil Alford in the form of a PowerPoint© presentation titled “Alfords – In the Beginning & Their Disposition.”  It was well received by all those present. Gil puts a lot of work into the Alford Family Forums and it shows. He is to be commended for all his efforts.


The events of the day were capped off by the Saturday night Awards Dinner. It started off, of course, with us stuffing our faces. The food was really good and everyone seemed to enjoy it to the fullest.


After everyone had finished their food, Ramona Darden and Earline Alford conducted the Memorial Service. The service consists of the reading of the member’s  name and the ringing of a single tone on a ship’s bell. Those members (and members only) who have passed away since the previous meeting are honored in this manner. Those so honored this year were:


            0124     Bryant J. Alford                  11/18/1908 – 06/01/2004

            0147     Martin G. Alford                 04/04/1922 – 02/23/2004

            0286     Dorothy A. Jones                03/28/1924 – 10/16/2003

            0303     Sebastian “Buzz” Vetri        02/25/1922 – 01/12/2004

            0344     James “Hoss” B. Alford      12/21/1924 – 06/03/2004

            0387     Martha Steward                  12/16/1916 – 04/23/2004

            0447     Benjamin F. Alford              12/06/1926 – 10/10/2003

            0668     Barbara J. Alford                02/03/1929 – 70/22/2003

            0778     Ruth A. Musick                   09/29/1917 – 06/21/2003

            1054     Alonzo “Buddy” Alford        07/29/1923 – 11/05/2003


Next on the honors list was the official awarding of scholarships for 2004. Megan Sample, granddaughter of member Ruth Sample, AAFA #1056, was awarded a scholarship in the amount of $500. Ruth was asked to present the check to Megan on behalf of the AAFA and its membership. The presentation was made at their church with family and friends in attendance. Ruth also forwarded pictures made at the presentation. These pictures were posted at the meeting for all to see.


The second person to receive a scholarship this year was Jessica Tedder, #1227, daughter of Mary Alford Davis, #0270, and grand daughter of Mary and Gil Alford, #0019. And for the first time, a scholarship recipient was in attendance at the meeting. Max Alford presented the $500 check to Jessica.


The next awards to be handed out were those going to members who were accorded “Distinguished Member” status. A Distinguished Member is one who goes above and beyond the call of duty in providing their time and effort towards helping the Association achieve its goals. It may be researching data, inputting data, or simply helping keep records. This years Distinguished Member honorees were:


Evelyn Mistich, #0481 – Evelyn assisted Doris Vetri, Treasurer, by handling all the meeting registrations and monies this year and also by serving as a back up to Doris.



Evelyn Mistich received a Distinguished Member Certificate from Max Alford.



Sharon and Henry Klehm, #1080 – Sharon and Henry have for several years maintained a back up set of financial records for the Association in case something should happen to Doris’s computer or her set of records. This has proved invaluable in one particular case when the records disappeared off Doris’s computer.


Jim and Sue Adams, #1129 – Jim and Sue volunteered to take over as editors of the AAFA Action Quarterly several years ago from a committee that was overseeing the publication. That took a lot of courage and dedication. When they took over, the quarterly was quite a bit behind schedule as far as its publication dates were concerned. It is now almost back on a timely schedule. Jim and Sue have done an amazing job with the quarterly.

Tom Donnelly, #0670 – Tom has, during the past year, contributed significantly to the AAFA census project, especially for the decade of the 1870’s. He has also done many other units as well. His contribution to the census extraction project has been invaluable to furthering this work.



Jim and Sue Adams were presented a

Distinguished Member Certificate by Max Alford.



Pat Fite, #0070 – Pat has, during the past year, contributed significantly to the AAFA Obituary project. She has subscribed to an obituary service, Obit Messenger, and regularly uses this service to search for Alford obits from all over the nation. Her contribution to the collecting of AAFA obituaries has proved invaluable in furthering this work.


The next award is not made on a yearly basis. The Association established an AAFA Hall of Fame several years ago to honor those whose commitment to the Association and its goals has been outstanding over many years. This year, it was my privilege and honor to announce the 2004 inductee, Earline Alford. As most of you probably know, Earline is my wife. Ever since she attended her first meeting in St. Francesville in 1993, she has been an integral part of the Association. She has provided back up to the Secretary doing such things as membership cards and certificates, tracking meeting and tour registrations, etc. She has also provided that same back up to the president for the last few years. She has, for the past several years, been in charge of the yearly raffle held at the meeting. She not only rounds up the prizes but also sells the tickets. I have seen grown men run and hide to keep from being confronted by her and her raffle tickets. She has always been ready to pitch in and help in any way that she could. She has worked closely with Ramona Darden, Meetings Coordinator, in preparing or acquiring door prizes and raffle prizes. She volunteered to take over maintenance of the AAFA Memorial Albums at the Salt Lake City meeting. During the time she has had this responsibility, the album has grown from two volumes to six. She also came up with the idea of placing a large photograph of the deceased member at the beginning of his/her entry in the album.  Beyond that, she has been my rock to cling to in bad times and my joy in good times for the past forty-one years. She is truly worthy of this honor.



Max presented his wife Earline Alford with the AAFA Hall of Fame Award.




Next, came the fun part. A prize and a certificate were awarded to Ryan Smith, son of Ronald and Melanie Smith, #1248, for being the youngest in attendance. The families of Sally and Dick Stoewer and Janice and John Smith tied in the category for most family members in attendance. There were six in each of their parties.


Next were the drawings for the raffle prizes. This year the raffle took in over $600, which I believe, is a record. Ramona Darden, Earline Alford and Samantha Alford conducted the drawings with an assist from Ryan Smith. The prizes won were as follows:


Julia Jackson – gift basket and a Christmas table centerpiece

Freida Shepherd – log candle holder and doily

Morris Myers – gift basket

Mary Alford – lace doily and a wall hanging

David Alford – candle holder

Anita Wilson – gift bag and two gift baskets

Jim Shelley – gift basket

Lee Ann Turner – door wreath

Sally Stoewer – candle holder and gift bag

Shelli Alford-Williams – gift basket

Stephanie Alford – Miracle Blade knife set

Lynn Shelley – candle holder

Julie McCall – wall hanging and a candle holder

Jeanne Singleton – gift basket

Dodd Eastham – candle holder

Alicia Houston – an afghan

Paul Davidson – quilt


The prizes were donated by Ramona Darden – gift baskets, Earline Alford – doilies and knife set, Harold and Freda Alford – wreath, wooden candle holders and straw people wall hangings, Sue Adams – quilt, Marie Bateman – afghan, Elroy Alford – “Joy” Christmas center piece, and Jeanne Singleton – gift bags. On behalf of the Association, I want to thank these people who helped to make the raffle such a huge success. If I left someone off the list, please advise me and I will add your name to the list of donors.


Entertainment was provided by Les Danseurs De La Capitale De Baton Rouge. I would love to tell you the English translation but I barely learned to speak English much less any other language. They were a very talented group of Cajun dancers. They travel around introducing people to Cajun dancing. They encourage audience participation, which was not lacking from our group. I saw a lot of AAFA members in an entirely different light that night. Some could really “cut a rug” if you know what I mean. Everyone enjoyed the dancing and the dance lessons. There was quite a “train” (or, as us older folks call it, conga line) parading around the room during part of the festivities. Everyone seemed to have had a good time.



The Cajun Dancers posed for a group picture.



Sunday morning found quite a few members congregating in the Photo/Research/Gift Shop area to make last minute purchases and do a little research. Some were saying their good-byes, as it was time for them to leave. Some of us were just kind of wandering around. It seems like it had hardly started when it was over until next year.


Some members had signed up for the Sunday afternoon tour to Avery Island, home of the world famous Tabasco Sauce. The bus was on time, actually a little early. The bus driver was Charlie Brown (that’s right, no typo). He was dressed in a suit that was made for Bourbon Street during Mardi Gras. He turned out to be a very nice gentleman. The drive to Avery Island took between an hour and two hours. We toured the Tabasco plant, which was idle as this was a Sunday and the plant is in operation only four days a week. It was interesting especially the process that the peppers have to go through to become Tabasco Sauce. The fact that amazed me was that it is aged in used Jack Daniel oak barrels for three years before it is finally ready to complete the process to become the final sauce. There was also a Tabasco Country Store on premises where you could purchase just about anything relating to Tabasco Sauce. I had my first taste of jalapeño ice cream. Enough said.


After leaving Avery Island, we stopped in New Iberia, LA, home of not only Shadows-on-the-Teche but also the hometown of one Ramona Darden, AAFA Meetings Coordinator. We took a tour of Shadows-on-the-Teche, an antebellum historic house museum property of the National Trust for Historic Preservation. It was built in the 1830’s. The museum consists of the house and over 17,000 paper documents pertaining to the building and history of the house.


After leaving New Iberia, we traveled to a real genuine Cajun restaurant called Mulate’s in Breaux Bridge, LA. We were served appetizers consisting of fried alligator, shrimp and bacon, and fried catfish and a salad. There was a live band and lots of Cajun music and dancing. Dancers ranged from five years of age to probably ninety-five years of age. Everyone had a good time.


And then it is over for another year. You say your good-byes to your friends and it is time to head home. I wish you all could have attended the meeting. I hope to see you next year in St. Louis.


The following is a list of those people who were in attendance at the Baton Rouge meeting:


MBR#       NAME                                                 CITY                            ST                      FAMILY


1129           Jim & Sue Adams                              Marietta                      GA                     GEO831CD/WIL799??

0196           Arliene F. Alford                               Hemphill                      TX                     JOH801NC/!!!!!!NC

0611           Charles & Joan Alford                      Oakland                       CA                     JOH807LA/JAM687VA

0615           David Alford                                      Alto                             TX                    JOH801NC/!!!!!!NC

0425           David & Mary Alford                       Mt. Hermon                LA                     JOH807LA/JAM687VA

0059           Don R. & Joan Alford                       Melbourne                  FL                      DAV785VA/ROB760EN

0439           Earl, Pauline & Mac Alford              Liberty                         MS                    WIL804GA/JAM687VA

0563           Elroy & Jan Alford                            Spencer                       OK                     TOM860OK/INDIAN

0848           Estelle (Dock) Alford                        Mt. Hermon                LA                     JOH807LA/JAM687VA

1054           Geraldine S. Alford                            Mt. Hermon                LA                     JOH807LA/JAM687VA

0019           Gil & Mary Alford                             Florissant                    MO                    JOH807LA/JAM687VA

0227           Harold & Freda Alford                     Magnolia                    AR                     HAY780GA/!!!!!!GA

                   Jake Alford                                         New Orleans               LA                     JOH807LA/JAM687VA

1217           Marlin & Dot Alford                         Kaufman                     TX                     JOS816LA/JAM687VA

0717           Mary V. Alford                                  Highlands                   NC                     JAC781NC/JAM687VA

0230           Max & Earline Alford                        Mesquite                    TX                     JOH801NC/!!!!!!NC

0581           Michael & Stephanie Alford           Sugar Land                 TX                     JOH807LA/JAM687VA

0075           Mike, Sharon & Judge Alford         Kentwood                   LA                     JOH807LA/JAM687VA

0208           Roy & Linda Alford                          Conroe                        TX                     JOH801NC/!!!!!!NC

1184           Roy & Linda Alford                          Spring                          TX                     JOH807LA/JAM687VA

0836           Samantha Kay Alford                       Mesquite                    TX                     JOH801NC/!!!!!!NC

                   Michelle Alford-Williams                 Sacramento                 CA                     JAC781NC/JAM687VA

1165           Marie Bateman                                   Mt. Hermon                LA                     JOH807LA/JAM687VA

1138           Deloris & Jim Bitting                         Baton Rouge              LA                     EDW792NC/JOH687VA

0537           Vesta G. Bowden                               Houston                      TX                     JOH807LA/JAM687VA

1142           Joana B. Breeland                              Tylertown                   MS                    JOH807LA/JAM687VA

1256           Lynne & Robert Chatelain               Baton Rouge              LA                     WIL831MS/!!!!!!MS

1177           Holly Alford Coffey                          Pfafftown                    NC                     JAC781NC/JAM687VA

1244           Bevin Creel                                         Franklinton                 LA                    

0715           Ramona & Nick Darden                    Houston                      TX                     WIL787VA/SAL716VA

0859           Paul & Pat Davidson                        Baton Rouge              LA                     ann790ga/ISH755NC

0270           Mary Alford Davis                            Dallas                          TX                     JOH807LA/JAM687VA

1079           Dodd & Glynace Eastham                Houston                      TX                     ISA782NC/JAM687VA

1095           Lucy Dodd Eastham                         Houston                      TX                     ISA782NC/JAM687VA

0606           Catherine & Bruce Ellard                  Natchez                       MS                    WIL804GA/JAM687VA

1257           Frances L. Ball Gwee                         Denham Springs        LA                     EDW792NC/JAM687VA

                   Sharon A. Haight                              Mt. Hermon                LA                    

1258           Patricia Smith Hall                             McComb                     MS                    JOH807LA/JAM687VA

0664           Mike & Betty Heazel                         Severna Park              MD                    JOH795VA/JOH696MD

0832           Janet Alford Hemby                          Houston                      TX                     DAV785VA/ROB760EN

1253           Elizabeth Herman                               Acworth                      GA                     JOHN807LA/JAM687VA

0708           Nancy Herrington                             McComb                     MS                    WIL804GA/JAM687VA

0350           Marian Alford Hodges                     Little Rock                  AR                     DAV785VA/ROB760EN

1225           Carolyn & Julian Honeycutt            Baton Rouge              LA                     JOH807LA/JAM687VA

0001           Alicia R. Houston                              Monroeville                PA                     THO802VA/JOH696MD

0806           Julia Jackson                                      Houston                      TX                     WIL787GA/JAM687VA

1133           Patricia Ann Jensen                          Glendale                      CA                     WIL787VA/SAL716VA

                   Sherry & Jack Kinchen                     St. Amant                    LA                     JOH807LA/JAM687VA

1259           Lorraine A. Mabus                            Amite                           LA                     JOH807LA/JAM687VA

1178           Julie Alford McCall                           Highlands                   NC                     JAC781NC/JAM687VA

1053           Lora S. McDaniel                               Kentwood                   LA                     WIL804GA/JAM687VA

0078           Marjorie McDaniel                            Athens                        TX                     DAV785VA/ROB760EN

0481           Evelyn Z. Mistich                              Belle Chasse               LA                     SEA807LA/JAM687VA

1065           Morris & Rebecca Myers, Jr.          Hot Springs                AR                     DAV785VA/ROB760EN

1250           Beverly Myrick                                  Baton Rouge              LA                     JOH807LA/JAM687VA

                   Dorothy K. Partain                            Murfreesboro             AR                    

1230           Kaye F. Roberts                                 Kentwood                   LA                     EDW792NC/JAM687VA

0145           Oliver S. Robinson III                       Baton Rouge              LA                     JUL798GA/JAM687VA

0673           Carolyn & Will Saunders                 Horseshoe Bay          TX                     EDW792NC/JAM687VA

0666           Peggy & Walter Schuster                Richardson                 TX                     JOH801NC/!!!!!!NC

0484           Lynn & Jim Shelley                           Springfield                  MO                    ann790ga/ISH755NC

0763           Frieda R. Shepherd                            Sonoma                       CA                     JAM791VA/JOH696MD

                   Jance Simmons                                  Baton Rouge              LA                     JOH807LA/JAM687VA

1249           Kitty & Bill Simmons                        Mt. Hermon                LA                     JOH807LA/JAM687VA

                   Ona Faye Simmons                           Tylertown                   MS                   

0249           Jeanne Singleton                               Greenwell Springs     LA                     JOH807LA/JAM687VA

0152           Janice & John Smith                         Plano                           TX                     BAL784NC/ISH755NC

                   Pam Smith                                           Denham Springs        LA                     JOH807LA/JAM687VA

0064           Pat Smith                                             McComb                     MS                    JOH807LA/JAM687VA

1248           Ronald, Melanie &

                   Ryan Smith                                         Denham Springs        LA                     BAL784NC/ISH755NC

1247           Walt Smith                                          Dallas                          TX                     BAL784NC/ISH755NC

0904           Helen & Bob Steele                           Lakewood                   CO                     JOS816LA/JAM687VA

                   Charles & Pam Stoewer                    Baton Rouge              LA                     JOH807LA/JAM687VA

0120           Sally & Dick Stoewer                        Baton Rouge              LA                     JOH807LA/JAM687VA

1227           Jessica Louise Tedder                      Arlington                    TX                     JOH807LA/JAM687VA

0562           Pat & Robert Thorn                          Hitchcock                   TX                     WIL812GA/JAM687VA

1000           Laura Tuffnell                                    San Pablo                    CA                     JAM791VA/JOH696MD

0020           Lee Ann Turner                                 Newhope                    AR                     DAV785VA/ROB760EN

0779           Yvonne “Betty” Wall                       Osyka                          MS                    JOH807LA/JAM687VA

1242           E. Russ Williams                                Bogalusa                     LA                     sar781nc/JAM687VA

0855           Sam & Anita Wilson                         De Soto                       TX                     TUR800NC/JAM687VA

0593           Peggy & Sam Wood                         Beaumont                   TX                     luc784nc/JAM687VA

1118           Brenda A. Woolie                             Baton Rouge              LA                     MOS810LA/JAM687VA