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AAFA 14th Annual Meeting and Family Reunion

Alford American Family Association, Inc.

2001 Meeting Report - Raleigh, North Carolina
By Frieda Shepherd, Morris Myers, Gil Alford & Max Alford

If you have read my reports on past meetings, you know I usually start off by saying that the meeting was the "biggest and best yet." However, I can't use that phrase to describe the 2001 meeting in Raleigh, North Carolina. It was not the biggest in terms of attendance. However, it did have its moments. It almost became the meeting that never was. Your Board of Directors sent many email messages among themselves discussing whether we should even have the meeting this year because of the tragic events of September 11 and the fact, that at the time, it was not known exactly if, when, or how the United States was going to respond to or retaliate against whoever committed the atrocity. The Board also consulted with the two remaining founders of the Association. It was finally decided that we had no choice but to continue with the plans for the meeting. This was due mostly to the severe economic penalties that would be incurred by the Association if the contract with the hotel were not honored, especially within the last ninety days before the meeting. There was also some concern from some Board members over fears that we would have more than a few cancellations because of the uncertain conditions that have existed since September. A few were concerned that maybe we would have some who would not cancel in advance but simply just not show up. Fortunately, we only had a few cancellations. Only one of those had anything to do with the state of world affairs. The others were health problems of members or their spouses or job conflicts.

We arrived on the scene late Thursday afternoon. The hotel was rather difficult to find. Evidently, someone didn't believe in placing any signs near streets to help people find places like hotels. You really had to be on your toes or you would miss it completely. Several members did on the initial go-around. I would have if it hadn't been for my trusty navigator. The hotel sets back off the street from which it is addressed and is situated with the side of the building actually facing the street. It was very, very easy to miss seeing it.

The first activity scheduled for Raleigh was a tour on Wednesday. As we did not arrive until late Thursday afternoon, we missed the Wednesday and Thursday tours and so my report on them will be based mostly on hearsay. The Wednesday guided tour consisted of historic places in and around Raleigh, some of which were connected with the Alfords. The group toured some of the State Capitol building in downtown Raleigh. It is a National Historic Landmark and is considered one of the best-preserved examples of a civic building in the nation. I understand the group got lost (or maybe misrouted would be a better word for it) and ended up talking to a gentleman while he was intently playing with a little fire he had going. He was no help in their quest for the Alford site but he did know a lady who knew everything about everything. He gave them directions to get to the lady's location. However, she turned out to be of no help either. The group decided to end their search for the Alford Holy Grail and return to the hotel.

The Thursday tour consisted of a visit to the North Carolina State Library and State Archives. North Carolina is rich in Alford history. It is no easy task to get into the Library or Archives. You don't just walk in and tell them you are there to do some research and ask, "Where do I start?" Ramona Darden, meetings chairperson, researched how to access the facilities prior to the meeting and the group was pre-registered. You do have to show an ID to get into the building. I think between Lynn Shelley and Alicia Houston making copies of material, another forest bit the dust somewhere and the state of North Carolina probably had to invest in a new copier. Everyone who participated seemed to enjoy themselves and the material they found at the library and archives.

The official meeting got underway Friday with the registration table opening at 8:30 AM. Lynn Shelley kicked off the meeting and welcomed everyone who had registered for the Friday session.

Gil Alford and Lynn Shelley talked about the Research Room that was available at the meeting. They told everyone just where it was and gave a brief description of what was included in the room.

Alicia Houston did a presentation on the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints (LDS Church) Family History Centers and their world-famous genealogical repository in Salt Lake City (the site of next year's meeting). Alicia discussed the information that is available in Salt Lake and the procedures for getting the information via a local Family History Center. She also discussed the IGI records, the pedigree files and the ancestor records and how the content of each is a little bit different. She also talked about the "source" book that is published by the LDS. The "source" book explains the information that is available and how to go about obtaining the information. Alicia also talked about the LDS Church from a historical standpoint. As always, Alicia's presentation was informative and well received by the audience.

Lynn Shelley gave a presentation on the genealogical records that are available for North Carolina research. She mentioned a twenty-five volume set of books that contain information about the early settlers of North Carolina. She also talked about some new information she had run across concerning a John Alford of North Carolina. She told of how land was allocated in the early days and how the allocation was based on the number of people a person brought into the state. She discussed the North Carolina Alfords, Halfords, and Oldfords. She was ably interrupted, I mean assisted, by the Association's resident Alford database, Gil Alford.

Lee Ann Turner presented a humorous talk on things archivists find objectionable about researchers. It was in the form of a Researcher's Ten Commandments. One of the commandments was "Thou shalt be brief!" Everyone seemed to have enjoyed the talk and shared many laughs during the presentation.

Gil Alford gave a presentation concerning the Alfords of central North Carolina during the period of 1790 - 1850. After that presentation, Gil, along with my cuz, Peggy Schuster, gave a talk concerning WWI Draft Registration Records. Wick Alford then introduced well-known genealogist, Helen F. M. Leary, who gave a short talk. Ms. Leary has been a tremendous help to Wick in the field of research. Although Ms. Leary has no Alford kin, she has done extensive research concerning Alfords.

One of the nice things about being at the meeting is that you have a chance to meet some of the nicest people. One such person was Carolyn McClendon who is from the Raleigh area. She was attending with her parents, Pansy and Denman McClendon, member number 0453. Carolyn had a young (very young) man with her by the name of Matt. While I do not remember his exact age, it was measured in weeks and I want to say two weeks, but that may not be correct. Carolyn cares for babies who have been given up for adoption. In North Carolina, there is a twenty-one day waiting period between the time a parent or parents actually give up the baby for adoption and the time the adoptive parents can take the child home. Both of Matt's parents decided to give him up for adoption. They already had two children and didn't want a third one. Matt was so adorable. The ladies were passing him around like he was a new quilt or something. There were even some suggestions that maybe he be offered as the grand prize in our raffle drawing. Carolyn is to be commended for doing what must be at the same time, a rewarding and heart-breaking task. I know the women who held Matt for only a few minutes really hated to give him back. I can only imagine what giving him back after twenty-one days would be like. My hat is off to Carolyn.

Ninety-three people attended the Friday evening buffet. The food was good but unfortunately, it ran out before the people did. Some were relegated to punch and some of the garnishment. Every effort will be made to see that that doesn't happen in the future. Ramona Darden, Meetings Chairperson, is looking into some different possibilities for future meetings after Salt Lake City, which is already under contract.

The Board of Directors met after the buffet. And for the first time that I can remember, we met in an actual Board Room or close to it. The facilities were very nice. This proved to be one of the more lively meetings that I have had the privilege of attending. There were reports concerning the gift shop, the quarterly, new members or lack thereof, revenue or lack thereof, North Carolina updates, treasury report, photo archives and wills, Nomination Committee report, scholarship and fund report, and Gil Alford's basement. Gil's basement is otherwise known as AAFA Central where the vast majority of the Association's data is stored. And while most don't like to talk about it, there will come a time when Mr. AAFA won't be around anymore. I am not for sure, but I think I heard someone mention Gil and Methuselah in the same breath, if that gives you any indication of Gil's age. A plan was formulated for removal of the material in Gil's basement if and when it becomes necessary or he requests it. Personally, I hope he beats Methuselah's 969 years. I would be remiss if I didn't mention Evelyn Mistich. One of my responsibilities is to take notes at the Board meeting and also the Saturday morning business meeting. I hate taking notes and besides that, I get so busy writing, that I miss a lot that is being said. So, I asked Evelyn if she would mind taking notes for me at the Board meeting and the business meeting. She agreed to do that for me for which I am and will be eternally grateful. I was thinking I could take her notes and then write up the minutes. Evelyn is such a thoughtful person, that she made a copy of her notes and gave to me just in case something happened on her way home. She wanted to type them up before giving them to me because she was afraid I wouldn't be able to read her notes. She typed them and emailed me a copy almost before we got home. She did such a good job that I didn't even have to do anything to them. That was way above and beyond what I had originally asked her to do. If I had had to retype them, I probably would have lost the notes by now on my computer desk somewhere. Evelyn, thanks for tackling those two tasks for me. You were a tremendous help.

President Dick Alford called the Saturday morning session to order. Dick then introduced our meetings chairperson, Ramona Darden. Ramona, in turn, introduced David Heinl of the Greater Raleigh Visitors and Convention Bureau. Mr. Heinl welcomed us all to Raleigh and gave us a little information about his city.

Reports were given by Max Alford on membership, Lynn Shelley on the library, Doris Vetri on the treasury, Kim Savage on the AAFA web site, Janice Smith on photos and wills, Alicia Houston on the census project, Ramona Darden on future meeting sites (Indiana was selected for the 2005 meeting), Jim Adams on the quarterly, Sally Stoewer on the gift shop, Seanne Carrigan on the Scholarship Committee, and Morris Myers on the Nominating Committee. Kim Savage, Jeanne Singleton, Elroy Alford and Janet Hemby were introduced as the Nominating Committee's recommendation for the four open slots on the Board of Directors. There were no nominations from the floor and the new nominees were elected by voice vote. The officer nominees were then introduced to the floor. They were Max Alford, President, Morris Myers, Vice President, and Doris Vetri, Secretary/Treasurer. The Board with its new members quickly convened and unanimously elected those recommended by the committee. Dick Alford discussed why he did not seek another term as president. He has decided to devote most of his time pursuing a cause he has long held dear in the medical field. The new President then expressed the Association's appreciation to the outgoing Board members, Don Alford, Janice Smith, and Cecil Alford, for the fine job they had done during their three year tenure on the Board. Each was presented with a certificate expressing that appreciation. The outgoing President, Dick Alford, and Vice President, Lynn Shelley, were also presented certificates expressing the Association's appreciation for the jobs they had done during their tenure in those positions. The Saturday morning business meeting was then adjourned.

The Saturday afternoon Alford Family Forum was well attended as usual. There always seems to be information presented in a way that holds everyone's attention during this session. This was no exception. The first presentation, the Hoge family (an Alford related family) was given by Mike Heazel. Milt Folds who gave a presentation on the Alford related families of Georgia, North Carolina and Virginia followed that. Wick Alford then introduced Colonel Ransom McBride, USAF Ret. Colonel McBride is well known in genealogical circles. He provided much help to Wick in his quest for his Alford ancestors. The meeting was then adjourned so members could prepare themselves for the Saturday night buffet.

The Saturday night buffet drew the largest attendance, as usual, at the meeting. And, as usual, since food was involved, people began arriving at the door of the buffet room well in advance of the announced time for the buffet. By arriving early, you tend to get a chance to indulge in a lot of idle chitchat that you would otherwise get a chance to. In talking to Mike and Betty Heazel, I found out the Alfords (at least the southern Alfords) aren't the only ones who are touchy about the pronunciation of their name. I innocently (if you know me, you know it had to be innocently. Yeah, right!) called Betty Heazel Betty Heezel when it is pronounced Hazel. She informed me that if I insisted on calling her that, she would call me Alfred. She definitely knows how to hurt a person. I immediately threw up a white flag of surrender and thereafter pronounced her last name correctly. Of course, we both did it in fun. While waiting for the doors to open, someone mentioned that it would be a good idea to say the Pledge of Allegiance before commencing with the food. I believe it was either Don Alford or Milt Folds. My apologies to whoever it was. Ramona Darden quickly rounded up an American flag. I asked Don if he would mind leading us in the Pledge. It was a first for the meetings and in light of the recent events, a very timely thing to do. Don did a good job of leading the pledge. After an excellent meal, there were some awards and honors to pass out.

Wick Alford, Carolyn Chambliss, and Bill Mitchiner presented the names of the members who had passed away since the last meeting. The members were: 0358, Elizabeth Hawes Hazlip (10-19-00); 0586, Thomas Harney Alford, Sr. (10-13-00); 1074, James Alford Deal (date of death unknown); 0304, Gale J. Belser (08-30-00); 0198, Willie M. Alford (11-11-00); 0235, Josephine Alford Carrigan (02-03-01); 0099, Clifford L. Alford (05-09-90); 0869, Audrey House Boles (12-16-00); 0341, Joyce Alford Pierce (date of death unknown); 0079, Sarah Alford Thornhill (05-21-01); 0398, Helen Alford Bankston (06-07-01); 0364, Katherine Alford Echols (06-14-01); 1147, James Hazelton (05-25-01); 0054, Catherine Guynes Alford (10-07-00); 0158, Beatrice Alford Parramore (10-03-01); 0177, Charles William Ekin (10-05-01); and 0010, Lena Mitchiner. Lena, who was the wife of Bill Mitchiner, passed away several years ago but had never been honored at any of the meetings. Wick thought it was appropriate to do so this time. As each name was read, a bell was struck once in memory of that person. The ceremony was a very touching moment.

The next awards were for those who were honored by the Board as Distinguished Members. Distinguished Members are those people who have distinguished themselves during the preceding year by the work they performed during the past year. It doesn't even necessarily have to be work directly for the Association. Any work that helps promote the Alford name or the gathering of Alford data is considered to be beneficial to the Association and its causes and therefore is worthy of the Distinguished Member honor. The following were accorded the honor at this year's meeting: Jeanne B. Singleton, Ramona Alford Darden, Earline B. Alford, Peggy Alford Schuster, Nancy Alford Dietrich, Stephanie Alford, Carolyn Alford Chambliss, Sam McCray, Robin Alford Sterling, James and Sue Adams, and Henry and Sharon Klehm. These people are to be commended for the work they have done as well as the work they continue to do.

Next on the Awards Program were the Alford Hall of Fame inductions. This year, there were three such inductions. They were all a little unusual because the first was awarded posthumously and the other two involved the induction of a husband and wife together. As some of you may know, last year shortly after the Augusta, Georgia, meeting, the Association lost a key member of the meeting team. Elizabeth Hawes Hazlip had a terrible, accidental fall as she arrived home from the meeting. She suffered a head trauma from which she did not recover. Elizabeth was the publicist for the Association. She was also a very dear friend to all who were fortunate enough to have known her. She was a very unassuming person but make no mistake about it, she was a key person when it came to getting word out about the meetings and the Association. She would send untold numbers of letters to newspapers, libraries, and genealogical societies advising them of the upcoming meeting. She flooded not only the state where the meeting was being held but the surrounding states as well. All the letters were hand written because Elizabeth believed that a hand written letter would be better received and better accepted than a form or a typed letter. I am surprised she didn't wear her fingers to the bone writing all those letters. Elizabeth had a slow, southern drawl and you couldn't help but be charmed by her. She is dearly missed. All of us regret that this honor came to her too late for her to enjoy it.

Janice and John Smith were the first to be inducted at the meeting itself. Anyone who has been to a meeting will recognize Janice and John as the two people always moving around with at least one, sometimes two, cameras slung around their necks. They take a lot of photographs during the days of the meeting as well as family group pictures after the Saturday night buffet. And that is only part of what they do. They also collect Alford photographs and store them in the photo archives for future generations to enjoy. The photos are catalogued so if someone would like copies of a particular person, Janice or John can tell fairly quickly if any such photos are in the archive. Janice is also the Wills Project Officer as well as during data input for the Census Project. She has also served on the Board of Directors. I have known John and Janice for around ten years and they are truly deserving of the honor.

The next two inductees into the Hall of Fame were Sally and Dick Stoewer. Sally and Dick have managed the gift shop at the meeting for seven years. They haul the merchandise to each meeting and then what's left is hauled back to Baton Rouge. Dick is always helping out in the store except the few times he is able to sneak off and read the paper. Sally and Dick were heavily involved in the planning of a very successful meeting in 1993 in St. Francisville, Louisiana. Sally is the Chairperson of the Merchandise Committee. As such, she searches each year for new items to add to the shop's inventory. Sally has also submitted Alford obituary data and contributed to the Census Project. She has also served on the Board of Directors. I have known Dick and Sally for many years also. We have shared many a laugh in the gift shop. As were the Smiths, Sally and Dick are also truly deserving of the honor.

After the awards, the winning numbers for the raffle prizes were drawn. The awarding of the prizes will be covered in another article in this quarterly or the one to follow.

Afterwards, several of us sit around in the lobby rearranging the furniture a little past midnight. There were lots of laughs and almost as many yawns as laughs. It is one of the more enjoyable times to be had at the meeting. No one is in a rush and everyone is unwinding because for all practical purposes, another meeting has come to an end.

Sunday morning found a lot of members packing up to leave. They come around to the gift shop and research room to do some last minute visiting and to say their good-byes for this year. You also hear a lot of "see you next year" as the members depart. The normal routine is to start packing up all the boxes of research material as well as the gift shop merchandise. But this year that was altered somewhat because the hotel said as long as we were out of the rooms before midnight, everything would be fine.

Those of us who were scheduled for the Sunday afternoon tour met the bus at the front door around 1 or 1:30 pm. The bus proceeded down to the Visitors Bureau where we picked up a very nice lady who served as our guide for the afternoon. As you may know, Raleigh is a very old city and as such, has many structures of historical significance. There were some beautiful old homes along the tour route. We stopped for a break across the street from the state capitol building. Some took the opportunity to stretch their legs and get something to snack on. There were also some museums in the buildings where the bus stopped. Some went searching for sand boxes and powder rooms. We didn't find out until we got back to the hotel that the bus was equipped with a bathroom. About this time, I was in severe pain and had to rush off to find the nearest vending machine or snack bar. Luckily, there was one on the fourth floor of one of the museums. I had to get a medicinal coke to relieve my chest pains. Thank goodness there was one nearby or somebody would have had to shoot me to put me out of my misery. We than got back on the bus to resume the tour. Our last stop was back at the Visitors Bureau to drop off our guide. She did an excellent job and made everything very interesting. She has also brought along prizes, which were awarded during the tour. I had my usual string of good luck and didn't win anything. As we pulled back into the hotel parking lot, someone said something to the effect that "at least our bus driver could find the hotel." To which the man behind the steering wheel of the bus replied "your bus driver didn't find it, your coach operator found it." Those may not have been the exact words but something to that effect. As we were leaving the bus, the bus driver, eh, coach operator, inquired of my wife, Earline, what we were all about. She informed him that we had just had our annual reunion. He than asked if we were all one family. My wife told him that all the different lines had not been traced back to a common ancestor but we were working on it. The coach operator said that was really neat.

It wasn't too long after we got back to the hotel before it started raining and I mean raining hard. Almost all of us who were still at the hotel decided to venture out for dinner. The only place we knew of close by was a Steak and Ale right up the hill from the hotel. When we arrived at the Steak and Ale, we short some people. So, John Smith volunteered to return to the hotel and track them down. Everyone finally showed up. The meal was fine and we all shared a few more laughs. Monday morning got there much too quickly. It seemed like only yesterday that we pulled in and now everyone was getting ready to leave. As each party pulled out either in their own vehicle or on the courtesy bus to the airport, those who were not quite ready were there to say their final good-byes. Some were going home, others were continuing on to other places before returning home. My wife and I were headed to Savannah, Georgia, with Jan and Elroy Alford leading the way. But that is another story, which I hope to put in writing for a future quarterly. When you have as good a time as we had with Jan and Elroy, you want to tell people about it.

Below you will find a list of all those who were in attendance at the meeting along with their city and state and family lineage, if known. All who were members have their membership number shown.

0484 Lynn & Jim Shelley Springfield, MO ann790ga/ISH755NC
0859 Paul L. & Pat Davidson Baton Rouge, LA ann790ga/ISH755NC
0672 Jesse Burdell Alford Zebulon, NC ARC816NC/JAM687VA
0152 Janice & John Smith Plano, TX BAL784NC/ISH755NC
0386 Ann Lavinia Alford Columbus, MS BYN787GA/ISH755NC
0387 Dean & Martha Steward Tallahassee, FL BYN787GA/ISH755NC
0346 Stephen Vance Alford Hampton, VA BYT817NC/!!!!!!NC
0020 Lee Ann & Wallace Turner Newhope, AR DAV785VA/ROB760EN
  Walter Turner Malvern, AR DAV785VA/ROB760EN
0832 Janet Alford Hemby Houston, TX DAV785VA/ROB760EN
1065 Morris Myers, Jr. Hot Springs, AR DAV785VA/ROB760EN
0225 Victor H. Alford Orlando, FL EDW792NC/JAM687VA
1138 Deloris & Jim Bitting Baton Rouge, LA EDW792NC/JOH687VA
0010 William A. Mitchiner Raleigh, NC eli780nc/JAM687VA
1179 William E. & Mary Lewis Raleigh, NC EXU788NC/!!!!!!NC
0059 Don. R. & Joan Alford Melbourne, FL EXU788NC/!!!!!!NC
0347 Charles & Hilda Alford Greenville, NC EXU788NC/!!!!!!NC
  Frances Lewis Cooke Raleigh, NC EXU788NC/!!!!!!NC
0789 Robert Glenn Lewis Goldston, NC EXU788NC/!!!!!!NC
  Ruth Alford Read Cary, NC EXU788NC/!!!!!!NC
  Lyn Troxler Cary, NC EXU788NC/!!!!!!NC
1104 Bessie Mae A. Lewis Raleigh, NC EXU788NC/!!!!!!NC
1129 James K. Adams Marietta, GA GEO831CD/WIL799??
0011 Wick & Frances Alford Sea Island, GA GRE787NC/LOD749NC
0965 Carolyn A. Chambliss Jacksonville, FL GRE787NC/LOD749NC
1084 Vesta Alford Beany Jacksonville, FL GRE787NC/LOD749NC
  Brant & Marile' Campbell Smyrna, GA HAY780GA/!!!!!!GA
0258 Kim Savage Darien, IL ISA782NC/JAM687VA
0717 Mary V. Alford Highlands, NC JAC781NC/JAM687VA
1177 Holly Alford Coffey Winston-Salem, NC JAC781NC/JAM687VA
0763 Frieda Roberta Shepherd Sonoma, CA JAM791VA/JOH696MD
1000 Laura Tuffnell San Pablo, CA JAM791VA/JOH696MD
1176 Augusta Hulsey Cedaredge CO JAM791VA/JOH696MD
0616 Tom Rockhold Plano, TX JAM847NC/!!!!!!NC
  Mary Kaye Robinson Virginia  
0345 Beverly Jean Alford Burlington, NC JOH787NC/!!!!!!NC
0664 Mike & Betty Heazel Severna Park, MD JOH795VA/JOH696MD
0196 Arliene F. Alford Hemphill, TX JOH801NC/!!!!!!NC
0208 Roy L. & Linda Alford Conroe, TX JOH801NC/!!!!!!NC
0230 Max R. & Earline Alford Mesquite, TX JOH801NC/!!!!!!NC
0303 Doris & Buzz Vetri Mount Laurel, NJ JOH801NC/!!!!!!NC
0666 Peggy & Walter Schuster Richardson, TX JOH801NC/!!!!!!NC
1175 Velta Brown Hesperia, CA JOH801NC/!!!!!!NC
0019 Gil & Mary Alford Florissant, MO JOH807LA/JAM687VA
0120 Sally & Dick Stoewer Baton Rouge, LA JOH807LA/JAM687VA
  Teri & Elena Hruska Fredericksburg, VA JOH807LA/JAM687VA
0249 Jeanne B. Singleton Greenwell Sprgs, LA JOH807LA/JAM687VA
0335 Seanne Carrigan Pleasanton, CA JOH807LA/JAM687VA
0453 Pansy & Denman McClendon Mt. Hermon, LA JOH807LA/JAM687VA
  Carolyn McClendon & Matt Raleigh, NC JOH807LA/JAM687VA
0537 Vesta G. Bowden Houston, TX JOH807LA/JAM687VA
1054 Buddy & Jerry Alford Mt. Hermon, LA JOH807LA/JAM687VA
  Lorraine Alford Mabus Amite, LA JOH807LA/JAM687VA
1165 Mac & Marie Bateman Mt. Hermon, LA JOH807LA/JAM687VA
0271 F. Shelby Alford Raleigh, NC KIS814NC/!!!!!!NC
1172 Charles Evans Alford Charlotte, NC KIS814NC/!!!!!!NC
0701 La Rue Alford King Bunn, NC LOC790NC/!!!!!!NC
0707 Mary Alford Intellini Silver Spring, MD LOC790NC/!!!!!!NC
0593 Peggy & Sam Wood Beaumont, TX luc784nc/JAM687VA
0633 Dick & Connie Alford Lewiston, ID ORI806NY/BEN619EN
0481 Evelyn Z. Mistich Belle Chasse, LA SEA807LA/JAM687VA
1149 Herb & Karen Wise Round Rock, TX SEA807LA/JAM687VA
0001 Alicia R. & Dan Houston Monroeville, PA THO802VA/JOH696MD
0563 Elroy R.& Jan Alford Spencer, OK TOM860OK/INDIAN
0855 Sam W. & Anita Wilson DeSota, TX TUR800NC/JAM687VA
0715 Ramona Alford Darden Houston, TX WIL787GA/JAM687VA
0076 Elisabeth McLane Valdosta, GA WIL794GA/JAM687VA
0325 Willie Joe Alford Hammond, LA WIL804GA/JAM687VA
0343 Vonceil Alford Strong Columbus, MS WIL804GA/JAM687VA
0606 Catherine & Bruce Ellard Natchez, MS WIL804GA/JAM687VA
0708 Frances A. Herrington McComb. MS WIL804GA/JAM687VA
0049 Roberta & Milt Folds Decatur, GA WIL812GA/JAM687VA
0562 Pat & Robert Thorn Hitchcock, TX WIL812GA/JAM687VA
  David Heinl Raleigh, NC Greater Raleigh Convention & Visitors Bureau
  Helen F.M. Leary &Col. Ransom McBride, USAF Ret Guest Genealogists

Pictures from the meeting:

More Pictures From Raleigh published in Issue 56 of the AAFA Action.

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