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AAFA 2nd Annual Meeting and Family Reunion
Houston, TX - 1989


Spouses are shown in parentheses. Other attendees are being added as they are identified.
Many of these folks are now deceased, but we are not noting that here. For more on deceased members, see the Memorial List.

Alford Bryant J. (Mary Louise) 0124 TX JOH818GA/HAY780GA

Alford Carroll (Shirley) 0212 TX BAL784NC/ISH755NC

Alford (Eleanor) 0097 GA WIL811NC/JAM687VA

Alford D. L. (Catherine G.) 0054 TX HAL788GA/JAM687VA

Alford Daniel Lee 0166 TX HAL788GA/JAM687VA

Alford Daniel Lee (Mary Agnes) 0170 TX HAL788GA/JAM687VA

Alford Douglas Lee (Shirley) 0204 TX JOH801NC/!!!!!!NC

Alford Dovie Jean 0110 TX HAL788GA/JAM687VA

Alford Ella Langdon 0246 AR JOH810GA/JAM687VA

Alford Gerald 0231 TX HAL788GA/JAM687VA

Alford Gerald T. (Margie) 0250 TX JOH844SC/!!!!!!SC

Alford Gilbert K. (Mary) 0019 MO JOH807LA/JAM687VA

Alford Gregory (Sharon) 0000

Alford H. Harold 0226 FL EDW792NC/JAM687VA

Alford Harold 0169 TX HAL788GA/JAM687VA

Alford Harold Glen (Freda M.) 0227 AR STA820GA/HAY780GA

Alford Hollis W. (Arliene F.) 0196 TX JOH801NC/!!!!!!NC

Alford James J. (Kathryn L) 0058 TX HAL788GA/JAM687VA

Alford Joe & Drew0058 TX HAL788GA/JAM687VA

Alford James P. (Nina Mae) 0115 TX LOD812GA/JAM687VA

Alford James Posey (Mary E. H.) 0021 TX ISA782NC/JAM687VA

Alford Jim (Glenda B.) 0202 TX BAI781NC/JAM687VA

Alford Joe B. (George Marie) 0136 CO BAI781NC/JAM687VA

Alford John P. 0254 NM JOH844SC/!!!!!!SC

Alford John Rogers 0200 TX JOH810GA/JAM687VA

Alford Julius Mosby 0013 MS JUL808NC/JAM687VA

Alford Kenneth M. (Darlene) 0242 TX WIL811GA/HAY780GA

Alford Landon (Phyllis P.) 0002 TX JOH810GA/JAM687VA

Alford Lodwick H. 0011 GA GRE787NC/LOD749NC

Alford Margaret 0000 MS JUL808NC/JAM687VA

Alford Murray L. (Mary Schulz) 0236 LA JOH807LA/JAM687VA

Alford Nancy E. 0160 TX HAL788GA/JAM687VA

Alford Norman Whitford 0758 TX JUL808NC/JAM687VA

Alford Oscar W. (Dorothy M.) 0139 LA JUL797GA/JAM687VA

Alford Shelley 0139 LA JUL797GA/JAM687VA

Alford R. Mark (Patricia T.) 0132 TX HAL788GA/JAM687VA

Alford Richard Wayne 0257 TX BAI781NC/JAM687VA

Alford Robert A. (Marian M.) 0148 TX HAL788GA/JAM687VA

Alford Robert B. Maxine H. 0207 TX BAI781NC/JAM687VA

Alford Robert D. (Gail C.) 0197 TX CLA89 GA/!!!!!!GA

Alford Robert L. (Mary D.) 0048 TX EDW792NC/JAM687V

Alford Roy L. (Susan E.) 0208 TX JOH801NC/!!!!!!NC

Alford Steve A. (Kate) 0190 LA JOH807LA/JAM687VA

Alford V. Louise 0238 TX HAL788GA/JAM687VA

Alford Victor H. 0225 FL EDW792NC/JAM687VA

Alford W. J. (Jeweleen Joy) 0138 TX JUL797GA/JAM687VA

Alford Walter W. 0073 LA JOH807LA/JAM687VA

Alford Zeb Dickey (Joan Chasan) 0295 TX SEA807LA/JAM687VA

Baldwin Christie (Paul F.) 0006 OK BAI781NC/JAM687VA

(Black Katherine) 0134 TX CAD771NC/LOD749NC

Brown Jean H. (Chester James) 0142 AZ BAI781NC/JAM687VA

Carrigan Josephine Alford 0235 CA JOH807LA/JAM687VA

Coyner Robert Perry (Barbara Lee) 0183 TX LOD812GA/JAM687VA

Davis Betty Alford 0223 TX JOH807LA/JAM687VA

Dietrich Nancy Alford 0028 WA ELI779NC/JAM687VA

(Fite Patricia)  0070 TX SIP800NC/JAM687VA

Giddings Vesta Alford 0233 TX JOH807LA/JAM687VA

Harper Jann Alford 0195 TX HAL788GA/JAM687VA

Hodnett Mary Lee 0224 TX LOD812GA/JAM687VA

Jackson Ernestine L. 0248 TX WIL808SC/!!!!!!SC

Jester Lynette 0189 TX ????????/HAY780GA

Mehrkam Lucille 0032 TX WIL808SC/!!!!!!SC

Mischer Mary Alford (Walter M.) 0240 TX HAL788GA/JAM687VA

Murphy Paul C. (Lillian) 0255 TX JOH807LA/JAM687VA J6

Rayford Bess 0131 TX JOH810GA/JAM687VA

Robinson Oliver S. 0145 LA JUL798GA/JAM687VA

Shelton Rose Alford (Steve) 0192 TX JOH820SC/!!!!!!SC

Smith Janice Stogsdill (John Charles) 0152 TX BAL784NC/ISH755NC

Spicer Frances A. 0172 TX BAI781NC/JAM687VA

Stoewer E. Sally (Dick) 0120 LA JOH807LA/JAM687VA J6

Stratton Patsy A. (Richard) 0216 TX HAL788GA/JAM687VA

Watson Mariwynn A. 0127 TX JOH810GA/JAM687VA

Williams Elizabeth Alford 0040 MS JUL808NC/JAM687VA

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