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Texas "Alford" Marriages

This is another work in progress that is known to be incomplete and probably contains some error. This update of the previous 1999 version has over 500 new records.  Work is underway to add even more and to expand upon some of the existing records. AAFA and the Alfords are indebted to AAFA Research Chair, Lynn Shelley, for her years of work on Texas "Alford" marriages.

There are many cases where we have two or more records with different marriage dates or different marriage places. In several cases the same couple appears to have married to each other twice.  Our current format does not have the room to display this but most such records are shown with a "?" between the name of the "Alford" and the spouse.  In some cases initials were used for names in which case the name is followed by "f" or "m" to denote sex.  When the "Alford" was married more than one time the number of the marriage appears before the name of the spouse.  All marriages for each "Alford" are not necessarily accounted for.  Some may have been in another state, but in most cases AAFA just does not have the data on the other marriage/s.

If you have need for specifics on any of the records, or if there are questions or need to report an error, please do so by sending an email to AAFA

With this version we are providing the data in three different sequences: alphabetical by "Alford" name as before, alphabetical by spouse surname and given name, and by county.  The same data is in each of the three files, but just arranged differently.

Please select the sequence you would prefer to review.  To come back to select another please use the back arrow in your browser.








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