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Alford Missouri Deaths

This is a work in progress with additions and modifications being made as several AAFA members work on Missouri Cemetery records and branch genealogies.  If you have interest in one or more of the persons listed, or someone expected to be listed--but not, then send an email to alford_staff@alfordassociation.org with appropriate comments or questions.


The following table includes information for some Alford deaths in Missouri.  It is, or will be, limited to about 195 for which the Missouri State Archives provides a death certificate (DC).  This table expands considerably upon the content provided in the MO archives list.  Adding for example, when known, the birth date, parents & spouse names and a family reference.  Links are provided, when appropriate, to obituaries, death certificate, cemetery records, and genealogy.

See also Earlier AAFA listing of MO deaths. Scroll down to find MO.

See also the Missouri Secretary of State, Archives, Death Certificates.

Name Date of Birth
& Death
* MO Place of Birth & Death Name of Father
& Mother
Spouse Name Family Branch
with Links
with Links
Links to
Obit & DC
A. A. Alford Sep 20 1874
Sep 14 1926
Ozark, Christian
William Alford
Nona   Ozark 28214  
Bertha Cordelia Alford Jun 18 1888
Oct 6 1912
Marshfield, Webster
Walter Gossadge
Lucinda King
    Timber Ridge? 35162  
Charles Edward Alford Aug 2 1919
Aug 23 1924
Carl Junction, Jasper
Joplin, Jasper
C. A. Alford
Gladys Shoemaker
    Carl Junction 23623  
Emory H. Alford Sep 13 1879
Jan 1 1921
Cape Girardeau Co.
Gideon, New Madrid
Thomas Alford
Susanah Hunter
    Fairmont 1644  
John Alford Oct 25 1841
Apr 7 1931
North Carolina
Seymour, Webster
Sam Alford
    Masonic 16949  
John Alford Jan 5 1899?
Jan 15 1913
Gasconade, Wright
Lihu Alford
Maria Yates
    Mt. Zion 7957  
John August Alford Jun? 24 1865
Nov 23 1929
Joplin, Jasper
Frank Alford
Pudreca? Day
Margaret   Carl Junction 37547  
Kinchen W. Alford Feb 29 1912
Dec 13 1919
St. Louis, MO
Kinchen W. Alford
Bertha Tucher
    Valhalla 37702  
May Alford Aug 4 1914
Jun 23 1915
Mississippi Co., AR
Dunklin Co.
Sam Alford
Anna Puett
    not legible 21482  
Orlando Dixon Alford Jun 10 1826
Dec 14 1912
??, Dallas
William Alford
    Mahuffy 38794  
William Horden Alford Mar 12 1856
May 31 1910
Loudon Co. TN
Dallas Co.
Robert Alford
Margaret Mayfield
Rachel ?? JOH787NC New Hope 23364  

* Birth and death places are Missouri unless otherwise specified or noted.


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