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Guy Alford's Numbered Pages

After reviewing all of Guy Alford's work it appears that his numbered forms were to be the main element. Those forms, identified by "page" are referenced in the index of his work. The indexes are arranged by name and the page numbers may appear numerous times.

This page provides an alternative. Arranged by page number they are being added to this page as the data is posted to the index pages. This page or list is similar to a table of contents that links to detail.

Page Page Name Source Other Alfords in General
1   1790 Census Info   Not census itself but a surname breakout
  by state for 1790.
2   Alford, Nico   Hotten's Original List of... page 135   Nico
3   Alford Richard   Hotten's Original List of... page 232  
4   Richard   Hotten's Original List of... page 446  
5   David   Nottingham,'s Wills and 31
  Accomac Co.VA 1663-1800
7   Josiah   Clemen's Marriage Records Before 1699,
  page 22
  m. Hannah Westover
21   Ancil Allford   US Census Fluvana Co. VA 19  
22   Drury   The Douglass 2211   m. Betty Cannon
25   No page 5 has been found in his
  "25" is not listed as a page in his typed
  name index.
26   Alfords in US 1790 Census   North Carolina State Records   Lodwick, Hudson, William Arrin
56   Kinchen   US Census Morgan Co. GA 1860   & Fam: Mary, Mary, James, Alexander, Thomas, Robert, Franklin
57   Kinchen Alfred   US Census Morgan Co. GA 1850   Kitchen & fam: Nancy, William, John F, Elizabeth J, Mary A, James K, Albetrude
59   Isaak   Hay's History of Macon 106  
60   Bynum   US Census Georgia, Dekalb Co.  
61   Guilford   US Census Georgia, Columbia Co. 1840  
65   Alford Names Noted   Georgia Military Records 1779-1830   Fort
80   I.H.   US Census, Putnam Co 1860  
81   Alford G, H. & James H.   US Census Putnam Co GA 1860  
86   Jacob   US Census Hancock Co GA 1850   & fam: Martha, Mary Ann, Martha, Gabriel, Owen, Arasinita, James A.
90   Needham   US Census Warren Co GA 1830  
91   Beas   US Census Washington Co GA 1830  
114   Richard   Putnam Co Marriage Book J, page 13   m. Anna Parks
129   Zadock   not listed   m. Perrin Sherrill
130   Talula   not listed   m. Seaborn R. Barnhart
139   Polly   DAR Historical 79   m. Reuben Reid
150   Robert C.   not listed   m. Elizabeth Butler
202   Alford names listed in content   Colonial & State Records, NC   Benj., Isham, Jabell, Jacob, James
202a   Alford names listed in content   Colonial & State Records, NC   Julius, Ledwick, Lodwick, Sion, Warren, Wm (Wayne Co)

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