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1850 Alford Census

Alicia Roundy Houston, AAFA Census Project Officer

These census reports are products of the AAFA census team. The initial list of names to be extracted was prepared from a published census index. The every name extraction was performed using the Federal microfilm as a source, then verified by another person for completeness and accuracy.

The census data is not intended to reflect either the "true" facts or what descendant families believe to be the facts. It is not guaranteed to be without error. Nevertheless, every attempt has been made to provide a complete and faithful representation of the information recorded n the original enumeration forms.

Arranged by county, page and dwelling as censused. For most subjects the age is expressed in years immediately after the sex entry. In some cases - particularly with infants - the age is expressed in months in which case the age column is blank. The age - when expressed in months - is in the column immediately after age.

The categories on each line appear in the following order: name, sex, age in years unless stated as months, color (assumed to be white unless shown otherwise), birth place, MSR* occupation, and real property value. Birthplace is shown with the approved postal abbreviation for states in the U.S. Foreign places, if applicable, were abbreviated using codes created by the AAFA and listed in this table.

*There may be any one or more of three entries to denote:
  • M = married within the year
  • S = attended school within the year
  • R = can't read or write (or just W if can read but not write).

  • The order of the information in the three-line family header is:
  • 1st line: the political divisions such as wards, towns, township, county, etc.;
  • 2nd line: microfilm series, roll, and page plus dwelling and family number;
  • 3rd line: the date the family was enumerated.

    The association and the Alford community appreciate the work done by the AAFA volunteers to make this data available.

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