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AAFA 1790 South Carolina Census

In 1790 South Carolina was organized into seven districts.
Within the districts some used counties, others parishes,
and some (for census purposes) no other political subdivision.
  First Name     Last Name     Tabulation     Township     Page #  
Georgetown District
  James   Olford 1-2-3-0-0 Prince George Parish 55
  Nancy   Olford 1-1-1-0-0 Prince George Parish 55
  William   Olford 2-2-1-0-0 Prince George Parish 55
  Listed with Sukey Squires
Ninety-Six District
  William   Allford 1-1-1-0-0   Spartanburgh County   89
Orangeburgh District
  Killis   Holford 2-4-3-0-0 South Part 101

[This was previously published in AAFA ACTION, Volume VI, Number 2, Fall 1993, Page 48-56]

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