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  Alford Interments in Massachusetts Cemeteries
Includes alternative spellings, Alfred, Alvord, Halford, etc.

Project Officer for Massachusetts
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AAFA does not currently have a State Project Officer for the State of Massachusetts. If you would like to volunteer for this project, we would be very grateful. Please email the AAFA Cemetery Project Manager (at right) to volunteer. No special software is required, you simply use the forms described below to submit data when you have time.

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This listing was updated on June 20, 2016.

Please!! Help the Alford American Family Association with corrections and expansion of our cemetery data. Comments, corrections, and additions are invited and your information may be exactly that for which an Alford cousin has been searching. Throughout our cemetery listings you will find buttons where you may add new interments, relocate interments if they are in the wrong place, and correct our data if necessary.

Records that have been recently added or revised are color coded for your convenience. New interments that have been recently added have the name shown in red print, and recently revised records have the name shown in blue. The color coding will normally remain in place until the state cemetery listing is updated. For states that are undergoing major reviews by the project officer, and updates are being posted frequently, the color coding will remain in place for at least 30 days.

The buttons that allow you to provide cemetery data directly to AAFA are located in several places. In the header for each county listing, you will see an Add Record button, which allows you to add an interment record in a cemetery that does not appear in the county listing. When you submit a record using this button, the AAFA Data Manager will create the new cemetery, and add the interment record. It may take several days for the submission to appear on the website, but rest assured the Data Manager is updating records as rapidly as possible.

There is also an Add Record button in the heading for each cemetery in the county listing. This button also generates a form for the submission of a new record in the cemetery in which the button is included. We put this button on the opposite side of the cemetery heading to help distinguish it from the Add Record to County button described in the preceding paragraph.

Each grave listed in this report has two associated buttons that provide means for you to submit corrections to AAFA. At the left of each grave listed, you will find a Revise button, while on the right you will find a Relocate button. The Revise button located on the left of the grave record allows you to add or revise any or all of the date elements that AAFA collects for cemeteries, while the Relocate button lets you tell us that the grave should be in a different cemetery.

Each of the buttons described above generates a form in a new window of your web browser. The forms provide blanks for you to fill in to add to or correct our data. Each form has detailed instructions for entering your data to submit to us.

AAFA values your contributions to our data collection efforts, and will be as responsive as possible in posting your data to the website. Each form has a check box that allows to you to tell us whether to credit your name in our sources for the data you provide.

AAFA has included the names of parents and spouses whenever they can be identified. Please provide any information that you may have where we have incorrect or missing information.

Not included in this report is information pertaining to sources and references. Those who have need for this data may email a request to Wayne Parrish. Most of this information, including the sources and references was published in AAFA ACTION #75, Spring 2007.

Abbreviations, all of which may not be in this list, are:
b. = born, d. = died, m. = married
c/o = child of, d/o = daughter of, s/o = son of, h/o = husband of, w/o = wife of
i/o = infant of, t/o = twins of, m/o = mother of, f/o = father of, gs/o = grandson of.

The reference number to the left of each name is a permanent reference number to that interment, and will remain the same when the report is updated. You may refer to the reference number with comments or corrections to the project manager.

The “Family” reference identifies a branch of the Alford families wherever possible. The Family reference will usually be either a single set of 8 alphanumeric characters or two such sets. If there are two sets, e.g., ZAD787GA/JOH645VA, the first set (ZAD787GA - Zadock 1787 Georgia) identifies the intermediate ancestor, and the second set (JOH645VA - John 1645 VA) identifies the ultimate (earliest we have identified) ancestor. Generally, we try to choose the intermediate ancestor so that his date of birth is around 1800. If there is a single set, e.g., JOH801GA, it identifies only the ultimate ancestor. We are making a concerted effort to ensure that the intermediate and ultimate ancestor are the subjects of genealogies on the AAFA internet website.

For some counties, you will find an "Unknown" Cemetery at the end of the county listing. These are interments that we have not been able to locate in a named cemetery. Obituaries and even death certificates frequently do not contain the cemetery location. If you know the cemetery location for an interment that we have listed in an "Unknown" cemetery, PLEASE take a moment to let us know. Just click the Relocate button to the right of the interment entry. A very short form will open in a new window, and you can enter the correct cemetery name, county and state (if necessary), your name and email address, and send it directly to us.

You may click on a county name to jump directly to that county listing. There is also an index of names and an index of cemeteries.

  Massachusetts Counties  
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Cemeteries of Barnstable County, Massachusetts  
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Cemeteries of Berkshire County, Massachusetts  
  Becket Center Cemetery, Berkshire County, Massachusetts

Located in Otis.

Elijah Alfordb. 14 Dec 1732d. 16 Jan 1771Age: 38
Source: Findagrave memorial # 119392251
  West Center Cemetery, Berkshire County, Massachusetts

Eliphlet Alfordb. 12 Mar 1779d. 8 Jul 1834Age: 55
c/o Nathaniel Alford
Source: FAG 71466799
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Cemeteries of Bristol County, Massachusetts  
  Oak Grove Cemetery, Bristol County, Massachusetts

Amelia C Alford Shawb. 13 May 1854d. 25 Jan 1909Age: 54
Source: Findagrave memorial # 139711528
Eliza J Alford Hortonb. ?d. ? 
Source: Findagrave memorial # 120706100
Elizabeth Horsman Alfordb. 14 Feb 1863d. 22 Mar 1901Age: 38
Source: Findagrave memorial # 120645347
Elizabeth Orms Alfordb. 1819d. 1 Mar 1883Age: 63 or 64
Source: Findagrave memorial # 120643045
John Alfordb. 18 Sep 1820d. 11 Oct 1866Age: 46
Source: Findagrave memorial # 120644408
John R Alfordb. 1861d. 1950Age: 88 or 89
Source: Findagrave memorial # 120645024
Rebecca A Alford Dexterb. 1857d. 5 Mar 1909Age: 51
Source: Findagrave memorial # 144275655
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Cemeteries of Dukes County, Massachusetts  
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Cemeteries of Essex County, Massachusetts  
  Walnut Grove Cemetery, Essex County, Massachusetts

Christoper C. Alvordb. ?d. 29 Jan 1902 
Source: Findagrave memorial # 127928721
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Cemeteries of Franklin County, Massachusetts  
  Erving Center Cemetery, Franklin County, Massachusetts

Mary Alvord Whiteb. Apr 1792d. 2 May 1839Age: 47
Source: Findagrave memorial # 126725178
  Federal Street Cemetery, Franklin County, Massachusetts

Infant Son Alvordb. ?d. 21 Oct 1837 
Source: Findagrave memorial # 122962175
Laura Bardwell Alvord Sparhawkb. 29 Oct 1815d. 6 Oct 1899Age: 83
Source: Findagrave memorial # 122965707
Laurana Bardwell Alvordb. 25 Apr 1786d. 21 Dec 1865Age: 79
Source: Findagrave memorial # 122965809
Sarah Wells Alvord Newcombb. ?d. 6 Mar 1836 
Source: Findagrave memorial # 122955869
  Holtshire Cemetery, Franklin County, Massachusetts

Marguerite S Alford Curtisb. 18 Jun 1890d. 9 Dec 1958Age: 68
Source: Findagrave memorial # 127161600
  West Gill Cemetery, Franklin County, Massachusetts

Herbert M. Alvordb. 7 Sep 1890d. 14 Oct 1979Age: 89
Source: Findagrave memorial # 128776088
Jeannette S. Perry Alvordb. 16 Jan 1892d. 30 Jan 1986Age: 94
Source: Findagrave memorial # 128776225
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Cemeteries of Hampden County, Massachusetts  
  Adams Cemetery, Hampden County, Massachusetts

Noah Alvordb. ?d. 1 Sep 1763 
Source: Findagrave memorial # 116727830
  Brimfield Cemetery, Hampden County, Massachusetts

Edward A. Alvordb. 1842d. 1 Mar 1846Age: 3 or 4
Source: Findagrave memorial # 126153271
  Fairview Cemetery, Hampden County, Massachusetts

Dr Samuel Alvordb. 30 Nov 1812d. 5 Feb 1892Age: 79
Source: Findagrave memorial # 130840594
  Island Pond Cemetery, Hampden County, Massachusetts

Albert L Halfordb. 1887d. 23 Sep 1946Age: 58 or 59
Source: Findagrave memorial # 131294673
Gertrude Barstow Halfordb. 1886d. 18 Jun 1980Age: 93 or 94
Source: Findagrave memorial # 131295063
Mary Thayer Halfordb. 1881d. 9 Sep 1948Age: 66 or 67
Source: Findagrave memorial # 131294815
  Oak Grove Cemetery, Hampden County, Massachusetts

Edward Bissell Alvordb. 1863d. 1929Age: 65 or 66
Source: Findagrave memorial # 139291184
Eva L. Knapp Alvordb. 1868d. 1966Age: 97 or 98
Source: Findagrave memorial # 139291190
Hugh L. Alvordb. ?d. ? 
Source: Findagrave memorial # 123839815
  Pine Hill Cemetery, Hampden County, Massachusetts

Carol Alvord Berardb. 17 Jan 1945d. 4 Dec 1999Age: 54
See Obits
SSDI: issued in MA, last residence, Berkeley County, South Carolina.
Source: AAFA Obits, NM
Eunice Alvord Stilesb. 5 May 1787d. 22 Aug 1847Age: 60
Source: Findagrave memorial # 123494476
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Cemeteries of Hampshire County, Massachusetts  
  Brookside Cemetery, Hampshire County, Massachusetts

Annie F Halfordb. 6 Feb 1874d. 30 Jul 1946Age: 72
Source: Findagrave memorial # 140873075
Perle Frances Halfordb. 3 Sep 1896d. 24 Oct 1903Age: 7
Source: Findagrave memorial # 140873098
Samuel Halfordb. 30 Jun 1895d. 30 Jan 1958Age: 62
Source: Findagrave memorial # 140873085 # 140873043
Samuel Halfordb. 21 Apr 1870d. 21 Apr 1923Age: 53
Source: Findagrave memorial # 140873171
  Center Cemetery, Hampshire County, Massachusetts

Abijah Alvordb. 2 Aug 1818d. 4 Aug 1818Age: 2 da
Source: Findagrave memorial # 122675474
Amelia Alvordb. 31 Dec 1800d. 26 Oct 1849Age: 48
Source: Findagrave memorial # 122570801
Beriah Alvordb. 13 Jul 1807d. Aug 1866Age: 59
Source: Findagrave memorial # 122674827
Beriah Alvord Tuftsb. 13 Jul 1807d. 22 Aug 1865Age: 58
Source: Findagrave memorial # 123056358
Dorcas Alvord Edwardsb. 9 Oct 1796d. 10 Apr 1870Age: 73
Source: Findagrave memorial # 122710363
Dorothy Alvord Haydenb. 1785d. 1831Age: 45 or 46
Source: Findagrave memorial # 122606006
Elizabeth Alvordb. 1857d. 1939Age: 81 or 82
Source: Findagrave memorial # 121991556
Joseph Dana Alvordb. 23 Dec 1824d. Aug 1877Age: 52
Source: Findagrave memorial # 122675553
Naomi Alvord Edwardsb. 9 Oct 1796d. 1 Mar 1839Age: 42
Source: Findagrave memorial # 122710219
Salmon Alvordb. 13 Jan 1803d. 14 Aug 1859Age: 56
Source: Findagrave memorial # 122674670
Sarah Barker Alvordb. 18 Oct 1815d. 1863Age: 47 or 48
Source: Findagrave memorial # 122675431
Thankful Alvordb. 4 Oct 1812d. 27 Nov 1878Age: 66
Source: Findagrave memorial # 122675333
  Evergreen Cemetery, Hampshire County, Massachusetts

Abigail White Alvordb. 20 Aug 1713d. 19 Nov 1757Age: 44
Source: Findagrave memorial # 128188491
Alexander Alvordb. ?d. 3 Oct 1683 
Source: Findagrave memorial # 125223151
Ariel Alvordb. ?d. 28 Sep 1807 
Source: Findagrave memorial # 126457735
Asenath Alvordb. 1823d. 3 Jul 1895Age: 71 or 72
Source: Findagrave memorial # 125223029
Asenath Smith Alvordb. ?d. 2 Feb 1878 
Source: Findagrave memorial # 125223026
Broughton Alvordb. 1802d. 16 Jul 1886Age: 83 or 84
Source: Findagrave memorial # 125223152
Calvin Alvordb. 3 Aug 1779d. 18 Nov 1857Age: 78
Source: Findagrave memorial # 125223153
Calvin Alvord, Jr.b. 1809d. 11 Feb 1835Age: 25 or 26
Source: Findagrave memorial # 125223154
Cyrus Alvordb. 25 Sep 1789d. 7 Dec 1860Age: 71
Source: Findagrave memorial # 125223025
Edith Alvord Smithb. 3 Feb 1794d. 27 Dec 1819Age: 25
Source: Findagrave memorial # 125371436
Editha A. Alvordb. ?d. 27 Dec 1810 
Source: Findagrave memorial # 125223155
Ellis A. Alvordb. 1861d. 13 Jun 1864Age: 2 or 3
Source: Findagrave memorial # 125223156
Eugenia Alvordb. 1831d. 7 Apr 1899Age: 67 or 68
Source: Findagrave memorial # 125223157
Fidelia Alvordb. 18 Feb 1834d. 11 Apr 1856Age: 22
Source: Findagrave memorial # 125223028
Fidelia A. Alvord Smithb. 10 Dec 1799d. 30 Jan 1833Age: 33
Source: Findagrave memorial # 125223158
Frank H. Alvordb. 1858d. 27 Apr 1908Age: 49 or 50
Source: Findagrave memorial # 125223159
Henry Alvordb. 1820d. 5 Jul 1883Age: 62 or 63
Source: Findagrave memorial # 125223160
Hervey Alvordb. 1820d. 1883Age: 62 or 63
Source: Findagrave memorial # 125252492
Ida C. Alvordb. ?d. 16 Sep 1855 
Source: Findagrave memorial # 125223161
Jesse B. Alvordb. 1816d. 22 Nov 1863Age: 46 or 47
Source: Findagrave memorial # 125223162
John Alvordb. ?d. 21 Nov 1757 
Source: Findagrave memorial # 125223163
John Alvordb. 29 Oct 1711d. 8 Jul 1758Age: 46
Source: Findagrave memorial # 128188392
Julius Alvordb. 6 Jun 1783d. 25 Oct 1785Age: 2
Source: Findagrave memorial # 125223164
Justin Alvordb. 30 Nov 1763d. 21 Oct 1852Age: 88
Source: Findagrave memorial # 128142482
Lois Chapin Alvordb. 1777d. 6 May 1860Age: 82 or 83
Source: Findagrave memorial # 128143955
Louis I. Alvordb. 1865d. 28 May 1916Age: 50 or 51
Source: Findagrave memorial # 125223165
Luella F. Alvordb. 1856d. 3 Sep 1863Age: 6 or 7
Source: Findagrave memorial # 125223166
Luther Alvordb. 25 Dec 1791d. 30 Oct 1881Age: 89
Source: Findagrave memorial # 125223167
Luther Alvordb. 4 Mar 1753d. 1784Age: 30 or 31
Source: Findagrave memorial # 128188182
Mary Alvordb. ?d. 30 Jun 1837 
Source: Findagrave memorial # 125223171
Mary Ann Alvordb. ?d. 2 Oct 1890 
Source: Findagrave memorial # 125223168
Mary E. Alvordb. 1868d. 1903Age: 34 or 35
Source: Findagrave memorial # 125223169
Mary E. Alvordb. ?d. 8 Jan 1939 
Source: Findagrave memorial # 125223170
Miriam Alvordb. 23 Jul 1826d. 26 Mar 1836Age: 9
Source: Findagrave memorial # 125223027
Miriam White Alvordb. 2 Aug 1758d. 25 Feb 1844Age: 85
Source: Findagrave memorial # 125223172
Rebecca Smith Alvordb. 25 Mar 1740d. 19 Jan 1832Age: 91
Source: Findagrave memorial # 128143804
Samuel Alvordb. 27 Nov 1751d. 9 Jul 1814Age: 62
Source: Findagrave memorial # 125371365
Samuel Alvordb. 11 Sep 1787d. 17 Nov 1823Age: 36
Source: Findagrave memorial # 125223173
Sophia D. Alvordb. 24 Nov 1796d. 12 Oct 1803Age: 6
Source: Findagrave memorial # 125223174
Tamson Alvordb. ?d. 27 Jan 1770 
Source: Findagrave memorial # 125223175
Thomas Alvordb. ?d. 22 Jul 1688 
Source: Findagrave memorial # 125223176
  Main Street Cemetery, Hampshire County, Massachusetts

Caleb E. Alvordb. 1824d. 5 Oct 1838Age: 13 or 14
Source: Findagrave memorial # 125987062
Hannah Alvord Burtb. ?d. 18 Jan 1840 
Source: Findagrave memorial # 123576878
Jemima Danks Alvordb. ?d. 13 Oct 1786 
Source: Findagrave memorial # 123587165
Rev Caleb Mattoon Alvordb. 3 May 1815d. 6 Jan 1873Age: 57
Source: Findagrave memorial # 125986988
Salmon Alvordb. 1815d. 1892Age: 76 or 77
Source: Findagrave memorial # 123576771
Statira Alvordb. 1812d. 13 May 1838Age: 25 or 26
Source: Findagrave memorial # 123576772
Susanna Allen Alvordb. ?d. 2 Feb 1805 
Source: Findagrave memorial # 125987169
Zebadiah Alvordb. 1724d. 17 Feb 1806Age: 81 or 82
Source: Findagrave memorial # 125987218
  North Cemetery, Hampshire County, Massachusetts

Mary E. Alvord Barlowb. 8 Aug 1867d. 24 Feb 1910Age: 42
Source: Findagrave memorial # 125111430
  Norwich Bridge Cemetery, Hampshire County, Massachusetts

George B Alvordb. 1888d. 1932Age: 43 or 44
Source: Findagrave memorial # 122427580
Josephine A Dowd Alvordb. 1883d. 1951Age: 67 or 68
Source: Findagrave memorial # 122427593
Justus B Alvordb. 1856d. 1924Age: 67 or 68
Source: Findagrave memorial # 122144044
Kitina M Alvordb. 1859d. 1916Age: 56 or 57
Source: Findagrave memorial # 122144059
Laura M Alvordb. 21 Oct 1880d. 21 Aug 1881Age: 10 mo
Source: Findagrave memorial # 122144416
Nancy Alvord Grangerb. 1828d. 1912Age: 83 or 84
Source: Findagrave memorial # 121285968
  Saint Brigids Cemetery, Hampshire County, Massachusetts

Anna M Halfordb. ?d. 1973 
Source: Findagrave memorial # 124543892
Mary Halfordb. ?d. 1956 
Source: Findagrave memorial # 124543953
William J Halfordb. 1878d. 1948Age: 69 or 70
Source: Findagrave memorial # 124543865
William J Halford, Jr.b. 1918d. 1988Age: 69 or 70
Source: Findagrave memorial # 124543918
  West Street Cemetery, Hampshire County, Massachusetts

Alvin Alvordb. ?d. 22 Oct 1821 
Source: Findagrave memorial # 124231403
Clarissa Alvordb. ?d. 10 Apr 1795 
Source: Findagrave memorial # 124231442
Electa Alvordb. ?d. 2 Sep 1822 
Source: Findagrave memorial # 124231538
Electa Alvordb. ?d. 3 Apr 1800 
Source: Findagrave memorial # 124231520
Gad Alvordb. ?d. 29 Aug 1817 
Source: Findagrave memorial # 124231682
Phebe Alvordb. ?d. 20 Mar 1846 
Source: Findagrave memorial # 124231723
Rhoda Alvordb. ?d. 12 Jun 1787 
Source: Findagrave memorial # 124231603
  Unknown Cemetery, Hampshire County, Massachusetts

Elijah Alvordb. 3 Sep 1770d. 14 Nov 1817Age: 47
See Obits
s/o Nathan Alford and Lydia Whiteh/o 1 Ann A. Bascom, 2 Lucretia Clarke
Family Branch: ALE627EN
Source: AAFA Obits, VT
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Cemeteries of Middlesex County, Massachusetts  
  Glenwood Cemetery, Middlesex County, Massachusetts

Alice M. Robillard Halfordb. 7 Jul 1929d. 14 Aug 2004Age: 75
See Obits
w/o Donald M. Halford
SSDI: issued in MA, last residence, Middlesex County, Massachusetts.
Source: AAFA Obits, MA
  Lake Grove Cemetery, Middlesex County, Massachusetts

Susan Gridley Alvordb. 25 Apr 1860d. 4 Mar 1930Age: 69
Source: Findagrave memorial # 141655294
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Cemeteries of Nantucket County, Massachusetts  
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Cemeteries of Norfolk County, Massachusetts  
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Cemeteries of Plymouth County, Massachusetts  
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Cemeteries of Suffolk County, Massachusetts  
  Adath Jeshurun Cemetery, Suffolk County, Massachusetts

Arnold Alfordb. 29 Apr 1915d. 14 Apr 2000Age: 84
See Obits
h/o Sylvia Engle
SSDI: issued in MA, last residence, Middlesex County, Massachusetts.
Source: AAFA Obits, MA
Findagrave memorial # 130918987
David Alfordb. ?d. 29 Jun 1996 
Source: Findagrave memorial # 130918988
Harvey Alfordb. ?d. ? 
Source: Findagrave memorial # 130918989
Isaac Shalom Alfordb. ?d. 7 Feb 2002 
Source: Findagrave memorial # 130918990
Lillian Alfordb. ?d. 14 May 1961 
Source: Findagrave memorial # 130918991
Marcia Alfordb. ?d. 24 Jul 1968 
Source: Findagrave memorial # 130918992
Marion Alfordb. ?d. 17 Dec 1996 
Source: Findagrave memorial # 130918993
Nathaniel Alfordb. ?d. 12 Dec 1965 
Source: Findagrave memorial # 130918994
Sylvia Alfordb. ?d. 21 Feb 1989 
Source: Findagrave memorial # 130918995
William Alfordb. ?d. 13 Feb 1948 
Source: Findagrave memorial # 130918996
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Cemeteries of Worcester County, Massachusetts  
  Forest Hill Cemetery, Worcester County, Massachusetts

Mary Bertha Alvordb. 2 Jun 1872d. 11 Sep 1872Age: 3 mo
Source: Findagrave memorial # 126254189
Mrs Emma G Gatchell Alvordb. 1855d. 19 Sep 1892Age: 36 or 37
Source: Findagrave memorial # 126254230
Mrs Marcia Orilla Holton Alvordb. 7 Jan 1848d. 10 Jun 1872Age: 24
Source: Findagrave memorial # 126254179
Pvt Francis A "Frank" Alvordb. 26 Aug 1839d. 23 Jan 1926Age: 86
Source: Findagrave memorial # 126254164
  Pine Grove Cemetery, Worcester County, Massachusetts

Alice S. Makepeace Alvordb. 1868d. 1933Age: 64 or 65
Source: Findagrave memorial # 126471975
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Cemeteries of Unknown County, Massachusetts  
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  A  Names Index Top Cemetery Index  
  Abigail White Alvord
Abijah Alvord
Albert L Halford
Alexander Alvord
Alice M. Robillard Halford
Alice S. Makepeace Alvord
Alvin Alvord
Amelia Alvord
Amelia C Alford Shaw
Anna M Halford
Annie F Halford
Ariel Alvord
Arnold Alford
Asenath Alvord
Asenath Smith Alvord
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  Beriah Alvord
Beriah Alvord Tufts
Broughton Alvord
  C  Names Index Top Cemetery Index  
  Caleb E. Alvord
Calvin Alvord
Calvin Alvord Jr.
Carol Alvord Berard
Christoper C. Alvord
Clarissa Alvord
Cyrus Alvord
  D  Names Index Top Cemetery Index  
  David Alford
Dorcas Alvord Edwards
Dorothy Alvord Hayden
Dr Samuel Alvord
  E  Names Index Top Cemetery Index  
  Edith Alvord Smith
Editha A. Alvord
Edward A. Alvord
Edward Bissell Alvord
Electa Alvord
Electa Alvord
Elijah Alford
Eliphlet Alford
Eliza J Alford Horton
Elizabeth Alvord
Elizabeth Horsman Alford
Elizabeth Orms Alford
Ellis A. Alvord
Eugenia Alvord
Eunice Alvord Stiles
Eva L. Knapp Alvord
  F  Names Index Top Cemetery Index  
  Fidelia A. Alvord Smith
Fidelia Alvord
Frank H. Alvord
  G  Names Index Top Cemetery Index  
  Gad Alvord
George B Alvord
Gertrude Barstow Halford
  H  Names Index Top Cemetery Index  
  Hannah Alvord Burt
Harvey Alford
Henry Alvord
Herbert M. Alvord
Hervey Alvord
Hugh L. Alvord
  I  Names Index Top Cemetery Index  
  Ida C. Alvord
Infant Son Alvord
Isaac Shalom Alford
  J  Names Index Top Cemetery Index  
  Jeannette S. Perry Alvord
Jemima Danks Alvord
Jesse B. Alvord
John Alford
John Alvord
John Alvord
John R Alford
Joseph Dana Alvord
Josephine A Dowd Alvord
Julius Alvord
Justin Alvord
Justus B Alvord
  K  Names Index Top Cemetery Index  
  Kitina M Alvord
  L  Names Index Top Cemetery Index  
  Laura Bardwell Alvord Sparhawk
Laura M Alvord
Laurana Bardwell Alvord
Lillian Alford
Lois Chapin Alvord
Louis I. Alvord
Luella F. Alvord
Luther Alvord
Luther Alvord
  M  Names Index Top Cemetery Index  
  Marcia Alford
Marguerite S Alford Curtis
Marion Alford
Mary Alvord
Mary Alvord White
Mary Ann Alvord
Mary Bertha Alvord
Mary E. Alvord
Mary E. Alvord
Mary E. Alvord Barlow
Mary Halford
Mary Thayer Halford
Miriam Alvord
Miriam White Alvord
Mrs Emma G Gatchell Alvord
Mrs Marcia Orilla Holton Alvord
  N  Names Index Top Cemetery Index  
  Nancy Alvord Granger
Naomi Alvord Edwards
Nathaniel Alford
Noah Alvord
  P  Names Index Top Cemetery Index  
  Perle Frances Halford
Phebe Alvord
Pvt Francis A "Frank" Alvord
  R  Names Index Top Cemetery Index  
  Rebecca A Alford Dexter
Rebecca Smith Alvord
Rev Caleb Mattoon Alvord
Rhoda Alvord
  S  Names Index Top Cemetery Index  
  Salmon Alvord
Salmon Alvord
Samuel Alvord
Samuel Alvord
Samuel Halford
Samuel Halford
Sarah Barker Alvord
Sarah Wells Alvord Newcomb
Sophia D. Alvord
Statira Alvord
Susan Gridley Alvord
Susanna Allen Alvord
Sylvia Alford
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  Tamson Alvord
Thankful Alvord
Thomas Alvord
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  William Alford
William J Halford
William J Halford Jr.
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  Zebadiah Alvord
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  Adams Cemetery Cemetery, Hampden County
Adath Jeshurun Cemetery Cemetery, Suffolk County
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  Becket Center Cemetery Cemetery, Berkshire County
Brimfield Cemetery Cemetery, Hampden County
Brookside Cemetery Cemetery, Hampshire County
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  Center Cemetery Cemetery, Hampshire County
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  Erving Center Cemetery Cemetery, Franklin County
Evergreen Cemetery Cemetery, Hampshire County
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  Fairview Cemetery Cemetery, Hampden County
Federal Street Cemetery Cemetery, Franklin County
Forest Hill Cemetery Cemetery, Worcester County
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  Glenwood Cemetery Cemetery, Middlesex County
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  Holtshire Cemetery Cemetery, Franklin County
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  Island Pond Cemetery Cemetery, Hampden County
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  Lake Grove Cemetery Cemetery, Middlesex County
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  Main Street Cemetery Cemetery, Hampshire County
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  North Cemetery Cemetery, Hampshire County
Norwich Bridge Cemetery Cemetery, Hampshire County
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  Oak Grove Cemetery Cemetery, Bristol County
Oak Grove Cemetery Cemetery, Hampden County
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  Pine Grove Cemetery Cemetery, Worcester County
Pine Hill Cemetery Cemetery, Hampden County
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  Saint Brigids Cemetery Cemetery, Hampshire County
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  Walnut Grove Cemetery Cemetery, Essex County
West Center Cemetery Cemetery, Berkshire County
West Gill Cemetery Cemetery, Franklin County
West Street Cemetery Cemetery, Hampshire County
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