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1862 LA - 1948 LA

Published in AAFA ACTION, Issue #20, March 1993, pages 37-40,

Jeptha Martln Alford, 1862-1948
By Executive Director Gil Alford, AAFA #0019, grandson of Jeptha.
Jeptha Martln Alford, son of John Seaborn and Margaret (BRUMFIELD) Alford [see "John Seaborn Alford, 1801-1891," p. 17, AAFA ACTION, June 1992], was the youngest of 17 children, born July 22, 1862 on a farm in lhe Second Ward, Washington Parish, Louisiana, the general area in which he lived his entire life. He died May 26, 1948 at Mt. Hermon,. Washington Parish, Louisiana, and is buried in the Alford Cemetery on his farm near Mt. Hermon, Louisiana.

Jeptha was married twice. He married first Fannie Ophelia PURVIS September 18, 1886. She was born about 0ctober 1869 and she died March 9, 1896. He married Laura Jane WARNER May 12, 1897 in Washington Parish, Louisiana. Laura, the daughter of Daniel Cornelius and Laura DruciIla (Holmes) Warner, was born March 8, 1871 and she died March 29, 1939. Both wives are buried in the small family cemetery with Jeplha.

The following is from a newspaper article printed when Jep was 78, about 1940:

Jep M. Alford, life-long resident of Washinglon Parish and one of its notable elder citizens, is an ardent follower of Governor Earl K. Long, and is actively suporting him in the Second Primary to be held February 20th. Recently Mr. Alford spent several days in Baton Rouge, and while there, was a visitor at the Governor's Mansion. Later, Mr. Alford went to New Orleans and attended the Long meeting held there prior to the First Primary. Mr. Alford supported Huey P. Long every time he ran for offIce, and has been a loyal administrationist ever since. He is sincere in his belief that the only way in which the masses of the people of the state can continue to receive the benefits made posible by Huey P. Long is to continue the present governor in office and he is fighting to that end.
His obituary follows:
Probably THE ERA-LEADER, Franklinton, LA - Thurs., 3 June 1948.
Jep M. Alford of the Mt. Hermon, Bogue Chitto Community died at his home May 26, 1948, after baving been confined to his bed for several weeks. He was almost 86 years old age at the time of his death.

Mr. Alford lived his entile life in his immediate community, having been born within 300 yards of the home in which he died.

Funeral services were conducted Thursday by Rev. C.O. Stegal and interment followed in the family cemetery located near the horne.

Mr. Alford was a member of the Bogue Chitto Baptist Church and had always been an active member until age prevented making a total of 12. [That is the way it was printed. Apparently they left out a line in typesetting. The "12" undoubtedly refers to his children.] Those surviving are: Mrs. Gene Dillon and Mrs. Edgar Smith of Mt. Hermon; Mrs. Kenzie Penton, Franklinton; Mrs. Dan [sic - should be Don] Shaeffer, Gonzales, Louisiana; Mrs. D.B. Fortenberry, New Orleans, Louisiana; Alonzo, Banton and Iddo of Mt. Hermon; G.K. of Gonzales, La.; and L.W. of Walterboro, South Carolina.

There are 32 grandchildren and 36 great-grandchildren.
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Jeptha Martin Alford and his first wife, Fannie Ophelia Purvis

Children of Jeptha and Fannie (Purvis) Alford:
  1. Wiley Banton Alford2, born July 10, 1886 in Washington Parish, LA, died February 23, 1976. He married Emma R. MILLER2 September 3, 1905 in Washington Parish, who was born August 8, 1885 and died March 3, 1971. Both are buried Bogue Chitto Cemetery.

  2. Frankie Leoda Alford1, born March 9, 1888 in Washington Parish, LA, died November 1, 1971. She married: (1) William Van SMITH September 2, 1906 in Washington Parish, who was born July 28, 1880 in Walthall County, Mississippi and died there November 15, 1932; and (2) Gene Dillon.

  3. Nola Alford1, born Oclober 2, 1889 in Washington Parish, LA, died March 10, 1952, married Edgar W. SMITH1 June 11, 1905 in Washington Parish. He was born March 26, 1879 in Washington Parish and died there May 24, 1953.

  4. Alonzo Seabom Alford1, born July 10, 1891 in Washington Parish, LA, died May 16, 1964 in Washington Parish, LA, married Florence MORRIS1 October 24, 1909. She was bom September 4, 1891 in Washington Parish and died there March 8, 1956. Alonzo was a farmer and school bus owner/driver.

  5. lnfant born and died August 14,1893.

  6. Iddo Lampton Alford1, bom August 25, 1895 in Washington Parish, LA, died May 9, 1900. He married Ella MORRIS2 December 24, 1916 in Washington Parish, who was born October 24, 1899 in Washington Parish and died there April 20, 1983. Both are buried in Bogue Chillo Cemetery. Iddo was a scbool bus operator.
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Children of Jeptha and Laura (Warner) Alford:
  1. Roxie Udine/Udene Alford1, born August 30, 1900 in Washington Parish, died there March 13, 1956. She married Martin Kenzie PENTON2 October 24, 1923 in Washingtpn Parish. He was born December 29, 1895 in Tangipahoa Parish and died October 15, 1970 in Washington Parish [see his obituary this issue].

  2. Gilbert Kendric Alford, born November 9, 1901 in Washington Parish, LA. He married Mattie Inez NEWSON May 26, 1924 in East Baton Rouge Parish. She was born May 20, 1903 in Pointe Coupee Parish. They are both living. [Gilbert died July 15, 1997 and Inez died April 23, 1993, both in Gonzales, Ascension Parish, LA. See Gilbert's obituary p. 27, AAFA ACTION, Winter 1998.]

  3. Lora Warner Alford2, born March 1, 1903 in Washington Parish, LA, died December 26, 1987 in Columbia, Richland County, South Carolina. He married Grace GIPSON July 24, 1925 in Jefferson County. Alabama.

  4. Lexie Drucilla Alford, born September 29, 1906 in Washington Parish, LA, died April 5, 1989 in Tucker, De Kalb County, Georgia. She married (1) Milton TURNER November 16, 1926 and (2) Donald SCHAFFER August 4, 1945 who died June 13, 1991 (obituaries are not available].

  5. Gussie Alford, born April 22, 1908 in Washington Parish, LA. She married Duvoix Brown FORTINBERRY1 June 13, 1932. He was born November 30, 1908 in Pike County, Mississippi and died July 23, 1991 in New Orleans.

1 See "Obituaries: Children of Jeptha Alford & Their Spouses," pp. 43-45, AAFA ACTION, December 1992.
2 See "Obituaries: Children of Jeptha Alford (Part 2)," pp. 41-42, AAFA ACTION, March 1993.
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