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1710 VA - 1800 NC

This page will be under construction for a while.

This page features information about one of the most controversial of all Alford ancestors. For years, especially during the 1980's, it was frequently seen: he had three wives and 21 children.

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  The genealogy of this Lodwick Alford is fragmented
  on the Genealogy page. He is first listed as part
  of the genealogy of his grandfather John Alford
  (JOH645VA) and then he has a three generation
  listing identified to his name, and finally under
  each of his children there are links to the
  descendants of these children. See them all by
  going to the link below and scanning down about
  three screens until you see the outline like

  Several versions of his will were circulating
  in the 1980s. Finally, one was found in the
  North Carolina archives which is considered
  the official version.


  There will be several of these:

  Our first real look at Lodwick was published in
  April 1983. (Select NR 3 on the "About Alfords" page.)

  In 1989 it seemed like it was time to take another
  look at Lodwick, so Gil Alford put together a paper
  which included most of what was known and what was
  thought to be known about several Lodwick Alfords.
  That nine page paper was sent to several associaties
  for their review and comment. Listed below is the
  original unmarked-up paper as well as marked-up
  copies from some of the associates who responded
  (still being scanned and processed). Next came a
  presentation about Lodwick at the 1990 Raleigh
  meeting by Christie Alford Baldwin. She later
  "reduced" the presentation to a book which is being
  scanned to add here.

  The original unmarked-up copy.
  Ruby Alford Heard's marked-up. copy.
















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