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August 24 2010

Hi I am a decedent of James Alford and Lucy Bailey, and would like to know how I add or get some information changed. My grandfather was J. C. Alford, the oldest son of James Howard Alford and Nannie Estes (line #401 page 51, #1216) I have the birth dates for all there children. J. C. was my grandfather and his name was not Jack C. I do know that when he applied for.

SSI he used the name Jack Carlton for that, because they wouldn't accept initials as a name. He was born on Jan 20, 1911 and died July 12, 1987 in Lincoln County. I would like to add that there was a family trunk, passed down from oldest son to son etc. My Uncle didn't want the trunk and therefore I have it.

There are several letters, photo's and such in the trunk, however, the pictures weren't labeled and there was at the time only one living great aunt left, she was with me when I first opened the trunk and did not know who any of the people in the photographs was except one deceased photo. I have several letters and many little notes, bills etc that were Alcey Frances Yocum Alford's to her son Andrew Jackson Alford.

There is a letter from a nephew J.D. Sandefer, living in Louisville at the time, a copy of John Alford deed. My great Aunt Mildred had a family Bible and I did write down everything that was written in that bible, it had a lot of Yocum information, and the bible belonged originally I believe to Alcey Frances's Mother.

I also have a family photograph that was taken approx. 1911 or 12. When I asked my Great Aunt if she knew anyone in the photo, she said well of course, I know them all, except the dog.

This photo was taken when my grandfather was a small baby and he was born in Jan 1911. Included in photo is, Andrew Jackson Alford (#213), his wife Elizabth Ann Lyntheycum (#215), Lucinda Ellen Alford Montgomery (#575), John Montgomery (#1123) two younge boys whom my aunt said she wasn't sure but might be Montgomery boys ( I think they are about 5 or 6 years old, they look very alike), George Alex Aford (#575) and his wife Frances, Frances is setting but has her arm around Myrtle Wilcher( I am thinking that this could be Myrtle (Nellie F. Alford's (#1221) child)) .I do know that Myrtel ended up living in Inidiana in her later years right next door to Mary Alford Sims, my great aunt, because she was so happy to see Myrtle again and have her as a neighbor. Henry Alford (#1222) and his wife Julia, Henry is holding a small child about the same size as my Grandfather so it is probably Beatrice (#1224) since she was born only a short time after my grandfather in Feb 1911. Florence Alford (#1219) and Ethridge Alford (#1217), Nancy Anne Alford (#576) whom my great Aunt said was an old maid.

Note also that Mary F. Alford (#1218) died as a child and is the daughter of Andrew Jackson and Elizabeth, there was also another child born to them, Ira or Lawrence,he died as a child of Menslit croop, Mary died of Scarlet Fever or diptheria, there is a photograph in the trunk of a dead girl in the photo a woman is holding her, she is a young girl, maybe 9 or 10 years old in the photo, and I do know that this photo hung on the wall of Andrew Jackson's home because all my great Aunt and Uncles knew that it was Mary there father's sister that died as a child. James Howard, even named one of his own daughter's after his sister. My Great Aunt thought there was a child born to Andrew Jackson and Susan M. Daugherty, a daughter named Bessie, she remembers as a very small child this woman riding up on a horse and her Grandpa telling her to go and not come around there, I don't know what the situation was there, however, there are letters in the trunk from Alcey Frances to A. Jackson Alford telling him the Daugherty's have been around asking questions, and she tells him he better stay away awhile longer. He was in Louisville at the time. I don't have any verification on the child of Andrew and Susan if there was one for sure or what. Also, 403.Florence Alford (#1219) (my Grandfather's Aunt), married Major Wade, there children have come to our family reunions. My Dad knows there names and I will call him later to get that information if you would like and so that I can add this into my paperwork as well. For dates on line 401. James Howard Alford b June 18, 1888 Lincoln County KY, Died Aug 14, 1959 and he is buried in McKinney Ky, Nannie Belle(nancy) was born Nov 26, 1886 and died July 9, 1962 she is also buried in McKinney, Ky. There child William Jones, served in WWII, born Nov 8, 1916 died Feb 10, 1977: Matilda Ann born Oct 13, 1912 deceased; Mildred Jewell born May 28,1914 died 1997 or 8, Aubrey Wesley , Mary Odel and birth dates are correct, I have James Oakley's as Dec 2, 1923, not Dec 21, but since a birth certificate is noted I assume my grandfather got the wrong date. All my great Aunt and Uncles are deceased now, and my father is the only living of his brothers, so I am trying to make sure I get all the info I can from him documented.

I would like to send copies of the photo's I have and would like to know how I do that.


Vera Alford Gooch


Aug 25 2010

Hi, I wrote yesterday but when looking thru marriage records I note there are none for Kentucky. I live in Lincoln County Ky, and it neighbors Garrad County Ky. I have copies of some marriage record from Lincoln County and would like to mention that Lincoln County Courthouse has never burned and has some very old records, almost overwhelming amount actually. I would like to know what exactly information is needed to pass marriage record info for Lincoln and possibly Garrad County Ky along to the association. If you need just the information or copies of the paperwork. I also have several tax receipts, copies of court paperwork, deeds and letters that came from a family trunk as well as copies from the court house in Lincoln County. My copies are just that, I did not get them notarized when I got copies several years ago. Do I need to do that? I am a decedent of John and Nancy Alford, Jacob Alford and Nancy Hunter Alford. There was a trunk that was passed from Oldest son down, I don't know where it came from, only that my Great Aunt has said they were not ever allowed to touch that trunk or see inside it. My Grandfather had the trunk and my Uncle didn't want it, so I now have the trunk. There was a deed in there for land in Lincoln County, for John and Nancy Alford. John's will was probated in 1845, so this deed is quite old although there is no date and it is somewhat difficult to read. What do I need to do to contribute these letters, deeds, tax records etc. These are old and in many cases fragile. I want to make sure these don't get lost for future generations. I am willing to go to the Lincoln County and Garrad county courthouses to document marriage records there, although as you know this will take some time. I just need to know how to document correctly for the association. Also, there is at least one letter in the trunk to family member (Alford's) in Kansas. There are pictures, however they are not labeled and my Great Aunt's didn't know who they were, they are old tin type in most cases and some have rust on them, I hate that I don't know who they are, since they are obviously my relatives.


Vera Alford Gooch


Aug 26 2010

Hi, I have tried to scan these in so that they can be easily read. If it doesn't work well like this then I can copy and mail them in. These are a few papers from the trunk, court papers, letters, envelopes that were empty but might be of interest to some other Alford in way of a connection, I have lots of things I can send, just need to know if this works our better or not. I am going to send a few at a time in hopes it will work better.

Letter from John Wilcher to Andrew Jackson Alford, two pages:

Court papers from Alcey Frances Yocum Alford, vs ALex Yocum, concerning deed:

Sep 7 2010

Hi, these are in same order as in his journal, dates are mixed throughout the pages. I did this in Excell, hope this won't be a problem.

Thanks, Vera Alford Gooch


Sep 8 2010

I note that Lucinda Alford Montgomery's death date is incorrect since I have a letter from her after her death date. George A. Alford and Lucinda's birth dates are both incorrectly listed as the same year, so I am trying to include all accurate info. I do have one question, my nephew has two children with his girlfriend, they live together but aren't married, as my younger brother has two children and has never married, do I just need to put mother's name and child's birth dates and note not married? I am scanning in a few items every day into my computer and thought I could send them along a few things at a time later, after my membership gets done. I have an inventory of trunk items finished but not entered into the computer yet either. I have two letters that prove AJ Alford went to Kansas for a time and I am trying to figure out a time line on him to see what dates he was possible there to see if I can find him in a census there.

Thanks, Vera Alford Gooch

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